Moto3: Bakker RM-Z250R

Moto3 Motorcycle

Two-stroke motorcycle engines are losing ground around the global. In a world moving swiftly toward a ‘green’ environment, powerful engines are even becoming rare in the world of GP motorcycle racing.

Where the 2-stroke lose ground, the 4-stroke engine gains. Equally through the introduction of the Moto2 600cc class the 4-stroke engines continue to expand their presents on the racetracks around the globe.

The fact is that the Moto2 class requires a smaller budget than the GP 125cc class, which is substantial as evident by the number of teams on the Moto2 grid during the 2010 MotoGP season.

For the motorcycle riders yet another alternative has come into existence, formed by a new MotoGP class replacing the existing GP 125cc 2-stroke series, the Moto3 series.

For 2012, the Moto3 class rules has moved to motorcycles equipped with a 250cc 4-stroke power source. This offers the opportunity to participate in motorcycle racing but with an even more reasonable budget.

Moto3 rules will allow a single cylinder 250cc 4-stroke engines with a maximum bore of 81 mm. The Moto3 rules also state that the engine should last for 3 races minimum and cost not more than $15,000 USD (final cost will be announced).

Each Moto3 chassis manufacturer should be ready to supply a minimum of 15 riders. This rule change has given Nico Bakker Framebouw B.V. the opportunity to develop a track bike in search of global attention.

The result is the Bakker RM-Z250R, a 82 kg (180 lbs.) motorcycle with a Suzuki power source. If desired, the Bakker can be equipped with an engine make of your choice.

Of course the Bakker Moto3 motorcycle will also suit a 250cc Honda engine. The rolling chassis is provided with a adjustable ball head, as well as an adjustment for the position of the rear swing arm.

Team Slooten Racing, with rider Brian Slooten is the first team select the Bakker RM-Z250R.

In 2010 they participated with the bike in the Open Dutch Championship (ONK) 125cc, the German IDM 125cc, and the UEM Supermono Cup. Due to the successes in 2010, this racing agenda will be continued in 2011.


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