BMW Concept C | Video

BMW Video

BMW Concept C is the future of scooters as defined by BMW Motorrad (Motorcycle in German). BMW believes the future mobility in mega-cities has very special demands and as always they working on a solution.

BMW has built a concept bike, in order to demonstrate what a new class of motorcycles might look like.

It’s a mixture between a scooter and a motorcycle; a vehicle that appears similar to the Honda New Mid Concept also unveiled at the EICMA 2010 motorcycle show.

It combines the best of these two. It’s called the Concept C as "C" stands for "commuter". It has the conceptional comfort of a scooter and the agility of a motorcycle.

The driving force behind BMW Concept C scooter is provided by a new, two-cylinder inline engine in conjunction with CVT (continuously variable transmission). Engine power, torque, and therefore performance would be positioned towards the top of the segment.

Click video to see the black chromium suspension and frame parts form a visually dynamic relationship with the aluminum chromium, silver, and blue paintwork of the scooter body parts.