Kawasaki Highlights Ninja 1000 | Video

2011 Ninja 1000 Features

In this official Kawasaki YouTube video, the Japanese manufacturer highlight the main features of the all-new, 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000.

The bike offers a blend of capability and technology built from the latest racetrack components.

For the Ninja 1000, Kawasaki started with the core – frame, engine, suspension – of the Z1000 super-standard, a bike that’s been well received by both the press and customers alike.

Using the Z1000s new-think engine and chassis package as a starting point, engineers added radical, knife-edged bodywork along with a host of cool features that push the Ninja 1000’s performance, capability and flexibility envelopes to amazing heights.

Powering the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 is the open-class engine: a 1,043cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, 16-valve inline-four that features a long-stroke design for instantaneous power.

The Ninja 1000 engine is combined with a slick-shifting six-speed gearbox, and no-fuss electronic fuel injection for the "type of seamless throttle response – warm or cold – that makes short work of tricky traffic, higher-speed back-road situations and everything in between."

Concerning the chassis, the new Ninja 1000 features an advanced aluminum frame similar in design to that of the all-conquering Ninja ZX-10R sportbike.

Kawasaki says the lightweight cage curves over the engine, cradling it from above and bolting solidly to it in three places, with a rubber-backed fourth mount provided for added vibration isolation and torsional rigidity.