Chicken Hawk Racing: 2011 Sponsorship

Motorcycle Racing Sponsorship

Chicken Hawk Racing is now accepting amateur and pro résumés for 2011 race-season sponsorship through Dec. 31.

Chicken Hawk Racing invites racers to become part of the team that dominates roadracing, supermoto, flattrack and stunt competition.

In the premier AMA Pro Racing national series, Tommy Hayden, Martin Cardenas and other top pros who used Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers won two national championships, 30 individual races, landed on the podium 86 times and scored 16 pole positions throughout the 2010 season.

Racers chosen for the team will receive discounts on the entire line of Chicken Hawk Racing products, which includes tire warmers, digital controllers, Chicken Wrap wheel insulators, knee sliders, fuel tank covers, fuel jug wraps and tire racks. In addition, they'll be eligible for new Chicken Hawk Racing products and promotional items available only to team riders.

For nearly two decades, Chicken Hawk Racing has been designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing the world's most efficient, accurate, durable and easy-to-use motorcycle, car and kart tire warmers in the U.S.A. for racing and track-day applications.

As America's top roadracers clearly demonstrated, Chicken Hawk Racing's tire warmers allow serious grip from the drop of the green flag. They're built from the finest materials, are easy to mount, simple to remove and efficiently bring today's high-tech rubber up to optimum temperature and hot pressure for immediate traction.

For more information on Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers and related products, log on to

Team Chicken Hawk Racing is welcoming roadrace, supermoto, flattrack, stunt, dragrace and land-speed racing competitors now. To be part of team, please send race résumés and proposals via the following methods:


Chicken Hawk Racing
Attn: Rider Support
54 Elizabeth St., Suite 10
Red Hook, NY 12571


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