TTXGP Returns to Infineon Raceway

Electric Motorcycle Racing

TTXGP eGrandPrix will return to Infineon Raceway for a second consecutive year in 2011 at the West Coast Moto Jam, May 11-15, officials from both companies announced Thursday.

TTXGP, the world's premier motorcycle racing series for electric motorcycles, made its American debut at Infineon Raceway in 2010. It was a monumental day as Shawn Higbee, riding for Zero/Agni, took the checkers in the 11-lap feature.

The electric motorcycle racing series, headlined by the Formula GP class, featured 12 races in six countries in 2010, its inaugural year, including this past weekend's TTXGP World Championship Final in Albacete, Spain. All motorcycles are powered by zero carbon electric drive trains.

The evolution of the TTXGP eGrandPrix motorcycle racing series continues in 2011 with its new two-by-two format. In addition to Formula GP, TTXGP eGrandPrix will unveil the Formula 75 class, making for two main events over the motorcycle race weekend in Sonoma.

The TTXGP eGrandPrix will be joined by AMA Pro Road Racing and Supermoto USA at the West Coast Moto Jam at Infineon Raceway, making for an action-packed weekend.

Steve Page (president and general manager of Infineon Raceway) says: "One of the raceway's central themes in the coming year is the notion of Green Performance - the opportunities to expand sustainable transportation alternatives into the competitive racing environment. The TTXGP series is leading the way in that field and we look forward to bringing this program back to the racing fans in Northern California."

Here's what you can expect from The TTXGP eGrandPrix in Sonoma:

· The 2010 Formula GP motorcycle series will return, but there will be a reduction in maximum weight for the motorcycles from 660 pounds to 528 pounds. FGP is designed to encourage improvements in long-term power-to-weight ratios and is a better fit for migrating the technology from track to road.

· A second motorcycle class has been added, Formula 75. The F75 class limits the amount of stored energy to 7.5KwH and the maximum overall weight to 440 pounds. This new series will be focus on the thrill of racing with energy efficiency.

· With a second class, there will now be two feature races, one for FGP and one for F75. Both will take place on Sunday, May 15, at Infineon Raceway.

Azhar Hussein
(founder of TTXGP eGrand Prix) says: "2010 was an amazing year for innovation, and progression with every TTXGP eGrandPrix race seeing tremendous improvements from all the teams."

"Our 2010 North America season started at Infineon Raceway, and we relish the chance to return and deliver a bigger show than ever before. If you love racing and want to see the next generation of motorsport, we invite you to be part of it in Sonoma in May."

TTXGP eGrandPrix is an international race series providing a high-profile platform for the development of electric motorcycles, enabling the futuristic technology behind them to be tested in an exciting and challenging way.

TTXGP eGrandPrix aims to drive low-carbon motorcycle technological innovation forward and to demonstrate that clean-emission transport technologies have matured and can be fun, fast and exciting.


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