Scorpion Ceases Customer Direct Sales

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Scorpion Sports has deactivated its own online motorcycle shopping cart system. Customers are now directed to their local dealer or select internet partners to purchase both helmets and ExoWear.

Jon Eide (Scorpion National Sales Manager) says: "Our website will still be the place to go for product information, current catalogs and marketing news. However, we want to drive the traffic to our retail partners who can make sure that customers can get the best fitting, most functional gear for their specific needs."

That means discontinuing the shopping cart function in a show of solidarity for Scorpion dealers and proven internet partners.

Jon Eide
says: "During the beginning stages of building the ScorpionEXO brand, offering our products via our website was necessary. We were the 42nd motorcycle helmet company to enter the U.S. marketplace and our website shopping cart was a necessity for building the brand from scratch. We had to make sure that all of our products were available to the retail public, from replacement parts to the various graphic designs and colorways of our entire line."

Now that Scorpion has firmly established itself as a leading player in the U.S. motorcycle marketplace, it is time to shift the paradigm to dealer support.

Jon Eide continues: "The ScorpionEXO brand has nearly seven years under its belt, so we feel that our strong alliances with our brick & mortar dealers and our dedicated internet partners allows us to make this decision, without taking anything away from the customers."

In fact, to further enhance the Scorpion customer experience, a new stand-alone Tech Support/Warranty Center was recently established. "We want things to be top notch… as our President Rick Miller says, we want a Nordstrom’s level of customer support for Scorpion Sports," concludes Eide.


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