Portugal MotoGP: Injured Capirossi to Race

Estoril MotoGP: Suzuki Report

Although two separate MotoGP crashes resulted in some damage to Loris Capirossi, the Rizla Suzuki rider will still compete at this weekend’s Portuguese Grand Prix at Estoril.

The Italian Capirossi reported being in discomfort, but is still determined to compete at the Estoril MotoGP. The injuries that are affecting the Suzuki GSVR rider Capirossi are from Malaysia and Australia.

At the Malaysian MotoGP, Caprirossi crashed out on his Suzuki, injuring his right foot. He would attempt to race at the Australian MotoGP, but he injured his groin during a qualifying crash, and would not start.

Upon returning home, Capirossi visited the clinic to have his groin injury checked, and also his right foot, which was causing him much pain. Tests revealed a compound fracture of the Cuboid bone, two micro-fractures of the fourth Metatarsal and severe bruising to the Calcaneus and lateral Cuneiform bones.

Loris Capirossi says: “It was disappointing to find out I had got some small fractures in my foot, but it won’t stop me riding, because I was OK in Australia and it didn’ t cause me too many problems there; in fact it is easier to ride the bike than it is to walk!”

“I have had some intensive treatment on the thigh muscle and that is also a lot better. I can’t wait to get back on my bike and give the guys something back for all their patience and hard-work over the season, especially after the tough three-week tour we had on the other side of the world which gave us nothing but pain and bike damage.”

“Suzuki and the team have always been good to me and I want to show them that I am here to do my best and compete with the best riders.”

As for Capirossi’s partner, Alvaro Bautista, he had three strong MotoGP performances in the last three races aboard his Suzuki, and is looking forward to competing at another track close to his native Spain. He has also won at Estoril three times (two in former 250cc Class, one in 125cc MotoGP Class).

Alvaro Bautista says: “I really like it at Estoril, I have had lots of success there and it is a track I like to race at – it is as close to my home town as some of the Spanish tracks so it feels like a ‘home’ GP to me, especially because I know many of my family, friends and fans will be there to support me.”

“I went there with the Suzuki GSV-R last year so I will have a bit of an idea of the reference points on a MotoGP bike, similar to what I had at Sepang, so hopefully we can be as competitive right from the start in Portugal as we were there. We had a couple of problems at Phillip Island and they have all now been sorted and won’t happen again, so we will be able to go right from the start and try to get back into that top-six, where I know we are capable of being.”

Rizla Suzuki takes to the track on Friday morning for the first practice session, as MotoGP again returns to four practice sessions in a weekend – instead of the usual three.

The second and third sessions will take place on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning respectively, with MotoGP qualifying taking place on Saturday afternoon. Sunday’s 26-lap race is the penultimate Grand Prix of the 2010 season with the riders taking to the grid at the earlier time of 13 hrs local time (13.00hrs GMT).