Yamaha Wallpaper

The 2011 Yamaha EC-03 scooter features a unique mutual-communication type controller YMCS (Yamaha Mutual Communication System).

This allows battery, controller, charger and meter systems to operate constantly, exchanging data for automatic control of key functions in all conditions.

The result is easier operation for the user and smooth running performance, as well as several important security features.

Users can lock the EC-03 scooter by key code on the meter panel, making it difficult to steal. The Yamaha EC-03 will also not function during charging, or when the wheel is lifted off the ground.

Crucially, if an error is detected in the vehicle system during start-up, the Yamaha EC-03 scooter can intelligently decide to stay in error mode (and cannot be ridden until the problem is fixed), or. for smaller errors, allows riding but with limitations (for example, no battery level indication).

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