TTXGP World Champions: Munch Racing

TTXGP Spain Results

Electric motorcycle racing has a new world champion, Matthias Himmelmann wins the top crown for Munch Racing Team from Germany.

This zero-emission motorcycle racing competition included from teams from Italy, UK, USA, Belgium, India, and China, setting the stage for new challengers in 2011.

Despite starting in position pole and ending in first with the zero carbon powered Münch motorcycle, he was just able to hold off Alessandro Brannetti on the twin-Agni powered eCRP.

While second place was a disappointment to the eCRP team, it was a miracle they even started, given the problems they’d had all weekend with the controllers on both racing motorcycles. Rounding off the podium was the TTXGP UK Champion, Jenny Tinmouth.

The differences in power, both in volts and kw/hrs between the three motorcycles was significant, yet this is also what has made this series so exciting. Teams have had the liberty to try practically whatever they can in order to win.

Although the eCRP had much less power than the Münch, Brannetti was able to overtake Jenny Tinmouth after she passed him on the first lap.

By lap 6, Branetti was leading, with Himmelmann gaining on him each time down the front straight, only to be denied on the entry to T1 by Brannetti’s late braking ability.

In the final lap, Himmelmann was able to draft Brannetti before the start/finish line for an easier lead down the front straight, creating a gap that Brannetti could not close before the end of the race.

The first Chinese factory team, Team Zongshen put in an impressive fourth and have set themselves up to be part of TTXGP 2011 with a strong platform to build from.

Chi Fung Ho, a veteran racer from China showed tremendous skill in keeping Pete Ward and the Electric Hussars to a 5th place.

Morris Motorcycles followed the Mavizen of the Electric Hussars and came in 6th with Peter Linden showing the strongest ever finish for Morris. Morris have committed to return for 2011 with a brand new package and team to build from the success of 2010.

Rob Moon/Team Agni, Thomas Schurict/Münch Racing filled in 7th and 8th respectively.

Campus Francorchamps after a strong start, with the third fastest lap, suffered a mechanical failure in lap 7. With a motor blow out, Fastre came into the pits and essentially went out and finished the race on half power.

Jennifer Bromme of Team Werkstatt from the North American Championship finished 10th. She showed great improvement and went sub 2-minutes in lap 3.

Another team that suffered constant technical problems was Tork India. Despite winning the first ever round of the TTXGP UK Championship, they never really found their form. Antonio Maeso, started well with the 6th fastest laptime.

Alexey Ivanov from SMP Racing also suffered from an early technical failure during the warm ups and could not start.

TTXGP Final Results / UEM 2010 World Series Final (Oct. 24, 2010) – Albacete, Spain

  1. Münch Racing – Matthias Himmelmann – TTXGP WORLD CHAMPION 2010 – Best Lap: 01:43.871 – Average speed over complete race: 120.8 km/h
  2. CRP Racing – Alessandro Brannetti – 01:44.100 – 120.71
  3. Team Agni – Jenny Tinmouth – 01.45.337 – 118.00
  4. Team Zongshen – Chi-Fung Ho – 01:47.710 – 116.14
  5. Electric Hussar – Pete Ward – 01:48.726 – 115.96
  6. Morris Motorcycles Racing Team- Peter Lindén – 01:50.450 – 110.99
  7. Team Agni – Rob Moon – 01:55.057 – 108.90
  8. Münch Racing – Thomas Schuricht – 01:55.278 – 108.14
  9. Campus Francorchamps – Gregory Fastre – 01:45.301 – 105.88 (minus 1 lap)
  10. Werkstatt – Jennifer Bromme – 1:57.835 – 103.35 (minus 1 lap)
  11. Tork- Antonio Maeso – 01:50.107 – 102.34 (minus 1 lap)
  12. SMP Racing – Alexey Ivanov – DNS (retirement due to mechanical failure)

As well as completing the TTXGP 2010 season, all our teams now become part shareholders in the TTXGP series as they are now invited to join the TTXGP TEO ( the main representative body for TTXGP teams.

TTXGP 2011 is underway and with 110 teams registered for interest, the future looks brighter.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing new tracks, the rules and calender for 2011. Stay tuned as the electric motorcycle racing series reboots for 2011.