BMW S1000RR: Comical Burnout Video

BMW S1000RR Video

The video wars between the world’s fastest superbikes continues to build, and BMW has been leading the campaign since it’s YouTube addition of "BMW S1000 RR: Dinner with RR," which displays the Beemer performing the "tablecloth trick."

After the widely success of this video (over 3.7 million views to date), Aprilia released the "Aprilia RSV4: Tablecloth Trick" on their YouTube channel, the video being a parody of BMW’s.

And now BMW is onto something new. In this video, BMW continues it’s humor, showing their flagship S 1000RR superbike burning out and succumbing to the earth because of it. BMW adds a tiny tagline, saying "This clip shows that the superbike may be more powerful, than you ever thought."

And this tagline is true, considering a factory superbike with 193 horsepower is obviously not a slug.

Now, will Aprilia respond?


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