Mission One Electric Superbike | Video

Zero-emission Motorcycle

Big things often have small beginnings. San Francisco based Mission One motorcycle has all the underpinnings of a Silicon Valley zero-emission based start-up.

It’s a classic, romantic tale of a couple of guys with backgrounds in hi-tech (solar car projects at Stanford and Yale and alternative energy experiments) toiling away in a tiny garage with a big idea; to build a game-changing zero-emission electric superbike.

In 2007 the three man team behind Mission One rolled a used 1994 Ducati 900 superbike into their humble little garage and set about ripping the combustion engine out in order to replace it with one of their new technology electric motors and battery supply.

Since that time the Mission One superbike has evolved into a trend-setting design platform in terms of both motorcycle aesthetics and performance.

The team has raced the Isle of Man in the FIM recognized zero emission electric bike category, as well as taken to the salt of Bonneville to set the AMA record for fastest electric motorcycle.

Recently, legendary motorcycle journalist, Alan Cathcart took the Mission One Superbike out for a proper romp.

Click video to see Cathcart himself deliver his precious feedback on the zero-emission motorcycle design and engineering.

To get more details about the zero-emission Mission One superbike and more insight to the company’s founding, mission statement and their exclusive engineering and design concepts, go to: ridemission.com


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