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The temps were hovering around 98 degrees, and I was southbound during mid-July, heading towards even warmer weather. Regarding cooling/ventilation, most of my motorcycle gear was working fine, except for my gloves; they had actually faded due to sweat in the matter of three hours, the leather looking worn.

Most motorcyclists who had to travel a few hundred miles with sweaty palms knows that discomfort at the controls can ruin an entire ride. And this is how the Shift Stryker Gloves came into my life; I had to find a 100-percent breathable glove, but didn’t want to sacrifice safety…the Shift Stryker provided this.

From the first ride in over 90-degree heat I was hooked. The complete top of the gloves is perforated, providing an abundance amount of airflow. The Stryker gloves also feature hardened knuckle protectors under perforation, adding safety in case of a crash.

The gloves are very lightweight, with reinforced leather and some extra padding in the palm areas for added comfort on the controls. And the short cuff design allows for additional comfort under any kind of motorcycle jacket, even one with the tightest of sleeves near the wrist.

The only qualm I had initially was the right knuckle protector seeming to scratch the top of my hand whenever I reached for the brakes with my first two fingers. After two weeks, this subsided, so I don’t know if it was just a design defect in my glove, or if all are built like this.

But I know I will find out, because once these are worn, there be another new pair replacing them. Yeah…when it’s hot, they are that good. But if the temps dip below average, always remember to pack away another pair, or have some under-gloves with you.

The Shift Stryker Gloves are simple and affective, feeling almost like casual car-driving gloves, but with the protection needed for motorcyclists. If you ride in warmer weather, these will be a satisfying addition to your motorcycle riding getup.

Shift Stryker Glove Features:

  • Short cuff, full leather glove for optimal protection and abrasion resistance.
  • Integrated knuckle armor for impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Accordion stretch behind the knuckle panel for added flexibility.
  • Perforated panel for added air flow and comfort.
  • Premium leather palm with reinforced padding.
  • Pre-curved leather finger sidewalls alleviate bunching.
  • Accordion stretch knuckle panels for added comfort and flexibility.
  • Embossed Airprene wrist cuff for optimal comfort and range of movement.
  • Hook and loop wrist closure.

Shift Stryker Gloves Price: $49.95

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