Leslie Porterfield: Bonneville Report

Bonneville Speedweek Report

Leslie Porterfield, owner of High Five Cycles in Dallas and renowned Motorcycle Record Breaker, gives an up-to-date account of what’s going on in her world.

The production Sir Speedy CBR 1000 bike made history this year as the first Production 1000cc motorcycle to be clocked over 200 mph at Speed Week for the BUB Speed Trials at Bonneville! It pulled off an impressive pass at a 201mph average through the mile.

The team worked on the Sir Speedy turbo bike, also a CBR1000. It was running and handling great, just in time for rain to set in! I would hit impressive speeds in the first couple of miles, then slow down considerably through the important place- the timed mile.

The surface just wasn’t offering any traction! It did see average speeds through the mile over 200mph, but not quite fast enough to reach my goals: a new record.

I am getting ready for some appearances and presentations at the International Motorcycle Shows in Dallas on Nov. 13-14, Long Beach Dec. 18-19, Cleveland January 29-30, and Chicago Feb. 12-13.

The next racing journey is being planned. I am working diligently on making it to Lake Gairdner in Australia for their Speedweek in March. Things are coming together so far. I am hoping it will work out well!

I just received news from the FIM that I have been nominated as the Woman Rider of the Year! This is exciting news! It’s quite an honor to be recognized by an international sanctioning body such as this! I am looking forward to the awards banquet in Portugal on Dec. 3!

About Leslie Porterfield

As the first woman to enter the Bonneville 200 mph Club on a conventional street motorcycle, Leslie Porterfield was recognized in 2008 by the American Motorcycle Association as the Racing Female Rider of the Year.

She earned the title as the fastest woman in the U.S. on a motorcycle when she recorded 234.197 mph at the 2008 BUB Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats. In 2009 she broke her record when she was clocked at 232 mph and became the fastest woman in the world resulting in her acceptance by the Guinness Book of World Records in March 2010 for her achievement.

Current or prior Motorcycle Land Speed records in 4 classes:

* FIM Mile Record Class MPS-BF 2000 at 232.522
* FIM Mile Record Class P-P 1000 at 192.930
* FIM Kilometer Record P-P 1000 at 193.077
* FIM Kilometer Record Class MPS-BF 2000 at 232.492
* AMA Record Class MPS-BF 2000 at 232.523
* AMA Record Class P-P 1000 at 192.930
* SCTA Record Class M-BF 1350 at 209.398 AMA APS-BF 1350 at 234.0
* TOP speed: 246.6mph