Shoei Qwest Motorcycle Helmet | Video

Full Face Touring Helmet

Shoei helmets have been in the protection business for over fifty years, and while they’ve earned a respectable name manufacturing quality motorcycle helmets for racing and sport riding the company also produces a line of touring helmets.

Designed and constructed with the same precision and attention to detail as their MotoGP / Superbike racing line-up, Shoei’s Qwest is a lightweight, balanced helmet designed specifically for touring.

The company’s in-house wind tunnel has helped engineers create a motorcycle helmet with greatly reduced wind noise (a claimed 60% reduction over previous models) and an integrated series of channels for superior venting that contributes to a high degree of comfort.

The Qwest was designed to significantly reduce road and wind noise without blocking out "informative" sounds.

A dual layer EPS liner allows air to pass between the inner and outer layers for superior venting and cooling, force-fed by the front and top air intakes, which draws air through the helmet and out the back via new upper exit vents.

The chin piece-mounted shutter vent is adjustable to suit temperature as well as to help control venting volume and is specifically designed to be operated by a motorcyclist wearing gloves.

Shoei boasts the widest range of sizing available with five shells-from XS to XL-and fully adjustable cheek pads to allow streetbike riders to tailor the Qwest for the best possible fit.

The shell also has an integrated spoiler that helps stabilize the head at high speed riding. The Qwest is fitted standard with Shoei’s patented Quick Release Self-Adjusting Base Plate system for the face shield.

The unique spring-loaded system automatically pulls the shield into place against the perimeter of the view opening for a tight, waterproof seal each time the shield is lowered. The CW1 shield is distortion-free and effective against 99% of the sun’s UV rays.


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