Salt Flats: World’s Fastest Motorcycle

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Bonneville Salt Flats

After a week of tremendous mechanical challenges, Team Top1 Oil & Ack Attack overcame the gremlins and have once again claimed the title of the "world's fastest motorcycle."

It was late Saturday afternoon, Sept. 25, 2010 at the Bonneville Salt Flats when veteran pilot Rocky Robinson strapped into the Top 1 Ack Attack streamliner and proceeded down the 11 mile (17.6 KM) course on his way to make history.

By the end of the day, Rocky and the crew realized their dream had become a reality as they became the "world's fastest motorcyclist*, averaging 376.156 MPH / 601.849KPH over two successive runs.

Detailed listing of the runs are listed below:

Bike Number: 899
Time: 2:42
Bike Name: Ack Attack
Entry Speed: 361 mph
Kilo Speed: 366 mph
Mile Speed: 365 mph
Exit Speed: 369 mph

Bike Number: 899
Time: 4:14
Bike Name: Ack Attack
Entry Speed: 379.300 mph
Kilo Speed: 387.100 mph
Mile Speed: 386.900 mph
Exit Speed: 394.000 mph

Record Mile Speed* is based on the average of the two runs 376.156 MPH Kilo 376.363 MPH

*The official world record for the Top 1 Ack Attack is now pending FIM review and approval.

About Top 1 Oil
TOP 1 Oil Products Company was founded in 1979 with the purpose of providing quality car care lubricants to consumers worldwide. Nearly thirty years later, TOP 1 has grown into a much larger organization, and its extensive product line is recognized worldwide for its quality and innovation.

TOP 1 is unique from most businesses for it has been continually owned and operated by one family. Today, three generations of Ryans continue to pursue the organizing principle of its founder, William A. Ryan.


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