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Whether you are a go-fast guy like defending USGPRU #1 plate holder Garrett Gerloff, push the extreme envelope like top XDL stunter Eric "E-Brake" Pettit, drag race like 15 year-old female phenom Maddie Wilhite, or do it in the dirt like Arenacross racers Tyler Bright and Jim Neese did this past season, Scorpion has you covered.

The good news is that Scorpion is expanding the popular "Team Scorpion" rider support program for 2011. So, get your submission in pronto as the opportunity to sign up starts on October 1 and ends January 31, 2011.

Suzie Kirby (Scorpion’s Marketing/Advertising Gal) says: "ScorpionExo is now accepting applications on-line for all interested roadracers, dragracers, off-roaders, stunters and ATVers looking for a new lid for the upcoming 2011 season. Note that sponsorship applications are accepted online only, so don’t try to score the holeshot by calling Scorpion directly!"

"As you may have seen from the 2010 XDL Championships as well as on North Carolina’s WERA racer Chris Birdsong, Team Scorpion support now includes riding gear. Stunters like Josh Borne, Aaron Twite and E-Brake sport the EXOskeletal protection of Scorpion jackets and helmets, while Birdsong blows away the competition on the track in his Hurricane leathers and EXO 750 Vintage helmet combo. You can find out about all the current Team Scorpion riders at the website under the sponsored riders banner."

To become part of Scorpion’s grassroots support program, all interested riders must first fill out the Sponsorship Inquiry Request Form and submit required image. Please do not mail in videos or CDs. Instead, utilize YouTube or similar online links. Click onto for the request form. Scorpion’s race support team will contact you via email with more details if you are selected for 2011 Team Scorpion sponsorship.

Join Team Scorpion: More information about ScorpionExoTM Helmets and Scorpion Sports, Inc.’s complete ScorpionExoWearTM line can be found at or check out the all-new Scorpion Blog at for the latest news and notes from "The Nest."


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