FMX Body Varial Trick by Maddison

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Robbie Maddison talks about the Body Varial, launched for the first time at the Red Bull X-Fighters 2010 in Madrid. The Body Varial is a really technical FMX trick.

The hardest part about it is believing you can do it, because it goes against every other trick we do on the motorcycle. It feels strange - really strange! Even though I've done a few of them to dirt now, I still feel scared every time I go for it.

When I leave the ramp I want to be pretty much central on my motocross bike, so that one end doesn't fly too high. If you are too far back setting up for the spin you will find that the bike drops down vertically.

As I leave the ramp I bring my right leg over the seat; as it comes over the seat I gently pull up on the bars and spin. At that point you are totally blind - you can't see the dirtbike, all you can see it the crowd.

You're spinning around blind and really want to focus on the handlebars - you only have one opportunity to grab, so you really don't want to fumble or grab the front brake.

You get the spin, you jump back on - you want to keep your legs high to clear the seat - and then it is basically a matter of gripping. Grab the bike and get stuck to it so you can control it to land!

I don't doubt for a second that the double rotation is possible, so maybe next year I can work on the Double Body Varial!


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