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It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of going on an organized motorcycle tour didn’t seem all that attractive to me. I associated those with the tours of the blue-haired old ladies in over-crowded tour buses variety.

Then, in 2004, I got to experience an Edelweiss Bike Tour in South Africa. And everything changed. Since then I have become a devoted fan of Edelweiss, encouraging motorcycle travel enthusiasts to discover the magic and joy available through their company.

Edelweiss is the world’s leader in international motorcycle tours, covering the globe with a wide range of programs. Annually, the company conducts 53 individual tours on almost every continent on Earth.

Edelweiss tours are geared toward the serious motorcycle rider, with scouts finding and mapping out the best motorcycle-friendly roads of any region they visit. The tours are a great way to discover new countries, helping riders acclimate to foreign locales with an ease sometimes not attainable in traveling alone.

Also, having done my share of sleeping out in the cold in strange places due no vacancies, the idea of having all the hotels arranged and booked, knowing where you’re going to be sleeping for the night, is very welcome.

For 2011, Edelweiss continues their growth and expansion, creating new motorcycling tours to put even more destinations within easy reach. Among the new and/or expanded tours are two new routes in Scandinavia; The Viking Experience and Adventure North Cape.

There’s also the highly anticipated return to Russia with the Moscow to St. Petersburg tour. There are the classically popular tours in Spain and Portugal, chasing the sun and warmth in the St. James Way tour as well as the high end Royal Spanish Vacation, with a special focus on luxury.

In addition to their French and Italian tours Edelweiss is expanding their South American offerings with their Adventure Altiplano tour through the High Andes of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, as well as the Adventure Machu Picchu.

The South Pacific is covered in several tours throughout New Zealand and Australia. Perhaps one of the most exciting tours Edelweiss has conducted-now being offered in its 2nd edition-is the Discover Our Earth Expedition.

This motorcycle tour lasts ten months and covers an amazing 50,000 miles. This magnum opus of tours launches in March of 2012.

To find out more and to get a full Edelweiss catalogue of world tours go to


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