ADV Tests 2011 Moto2 Chassis with Locatelli


On Sept. 13, ADV tested a new frame at Mugello that will be the starting point of the new AT02-3.0, the Moto2 that will be on track for the 2011 MotoGP Championship.

A prestigious motorcycle Co-Tester for ADV, the World Champion Roberto Locatelli who could appreciate the handling qualities that have come out from the new frame.

Roberto Locatelli
says: "Having never tried a Moto2 bike, I enjoyed it very much. It is very agile and precise. The ADV has great properties: it is agile and it has great accuracy in the entry. Moreover, it is very precise in the changing and it reacts promptly. I can say that this project is very good developed and I would like to have the chance to carry other tests with the ADV. The Mugello circuit is the suitable stage to test any kind of prototype."

There’s no doubt that this meeting at the Mugello circuit has been the witness of a great international motorsport reunion, on one side Roberto Cevolini with his AT02-3.0 and on the other side Roberto Locatelli, excellent rider, and both have chosen the world champion track in order to share again together the trust and esteem they feel each other.

Roberto Locatelli has conquered with his charisma and character the favour of people, and still continues to be an icon of the motorcycling, sport he has given great commitment during all these years of activity to, not only as a rider but especially as a man of honour.

On the circuit there was not only Roby but also Branna (Alessandro Brannetti), official tester of ADV since the beginning of the Moto2 project (December 2009) and he could appreciate the new frame in all its features as he has tested 3 finished models until now.

According to his opinion this last solution is for sure an evolution very important because it has mede the motorcycle more agile than the previous version of the AT02.

The accuracy in the entry at the Biondetti has been of great relevance than before.

In the middle of the curve the motorbike has higher speed even in the S.Donato and Bucine.

Next test is scheduled after the MotoGP meetings of Japan-Malesia-Austrialia.


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