TTXGP Invited to TT Assen Centennial

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Electric Motorcycle

TTXGP, the eGrandPrix, are privileged to have been invited to take part in the TT Assen Circuit centennial celebrations this weekend in the Netherlands.

TTXGP recently confirmed that it will be hosting its first two rounds of the TTXGP Euro Championship at the prestigious Dutch circuit on Oct. 24‐26, and being so welcome at Assen is a real honor and fantastic opportunity to showcase electric motorcycle racing at one of the world’s greatest venues.

TTXGP will be attending the whole weekend along with the current TTXGP UK Championship leading Team Agni bike of Jenny Tinmouth, which will be used in demonstration laps around the circuit between the action‐packed line up of races organised over the course of the weekend.

The demonstration laps should give the audience in the Netherlands their first taste of competitive electric motorcycles and hopefully spread the word of the next generation of motorsport to another country.

The TT Assen Circuit is regarded as one of the most revered race circuits in the world, particularly among the motorcycling community, being many of the top riders’ favourite circuits to ride. We are therefore pleased that they have given us this unique chance and shown that in doing so they are preparing themselves to continue being one of the favourites in the future.

Recognizing that for motorsport to continue into the future, changes must be made and the continued burning of fossil fuels for sport isn’t always necessary to provide an entertaining and enjoyable spectacle.

Together with the TT Assen Circuit, we hope that the promotion of such sports can continue and help to develop the next generation of technology at the forefront of a global audience.

TTXGP encourages people to join the 80-year celebration for what should be a fantastic weekend, supported by some of the biggest names in motor racing and a full schedule of classic motorcycle races throughout the weekend. We are certainly looking forward to it and hope that you can join us in celebrating such a momentous occasion.