Big Dog Sets Salt Flats Speed Record

Bonneville Speed Week

Big Dog Motorcycle 2010 Bulldog has a very high pedigree, having been groomed for the highest style and riding comfort from its inception.

But the Bulldog recently proved that its beauty is more than skin deep. At this year’s Bonneville Salt Flats land speed races, the Big Dog Bulldog, with its wind-tunnel tested aerodynamics, set a new world speed record.

Each year the Southern California Timing Association hosts the Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week, where man and woman come to test the prowess of their machines. This year, OKC Thunder Cycle’s Sam Wills raced a Big Dog Bulldog, setting a land speed record of 158.766 mph in the 3000/MPS-PBG class.

Thunder Cycle is Big Dog’s Oklahoma City dealer as well as an award-winning bike builder.

The 2010 Bulldog ships standard from the Big Dog factory with a hefty amount of torque and horse power: a 111c.i., fuel-injected, 45 degree S&S V-Twin engine, coupled with a right-side drive, six-speed Baker transmission, all cradled in a rubber-mount chassis for the smooth ride you expect from a bike of this caliber.

Sam Wills set out to reach the pinnacle of speed on a bagger by building his Bonneville Bulldog with a 132 cubic inch, turbocharged S&S® X-Wedge engine, Michelin® racing tires and a low slung 22″ seat height.

Sheldon Coleman (founder and CEO of Big Dog Motorcycles) says: “It’s a spectacular effort by Sam Wills, one of our most outstanding and knowledgeable dealers. We applaud the confidence and vision that Sam has shown by taking our exceptionally well engineered Bulldog into a new arena of performance.”


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