Riders Tour Reagan MC Exhibit on 9/11

Motorcycle Exhibits

On September 11, 2010, over 75 riders from the Society of Riders came to The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum to visit the grounds, tour through Air Force One, and to see the Library’s new exhibit, “Born to be Wild: Vintage and Celebrity Motorcycles.”

Angelia Weitzman
(one of the organizers of the ride) says: “To spend September 11 with our riders, some of whom are vets, at the Reagan Library was at times an emotional experience. And as I won’t forget what happened on 9/11, I will also not forget the love for our country I felt walking through the halls at the Library. Riding up to the Library with the flag waving behind us made me so proud to live in this country.”

Miguel Gonzalez (co-organizer) says: “The group truly enjoyed the Library and tour immensely and I for one was thoroughly impressed. The museum is absolutely incredible, from the exhibits themselves to the guides that gave us the tour. I cannot even begin to explain the feeling walking out of the elevator and seeing the plane known as Air Force One when the president is on board hanging overhead as if it is in flight. I am truly looking forward to the Library’s reopening in February and plan on rescheduling a group ride to visit it then. We are very proud of this country and seeing the museum just made us even more so.”

During the docent-led tours of the entire property, rider Ashley Serle, sporting a leather “Love Ride” vest and one of only two women to ride their own motorcycle up to the Library that day, stated, “I came to the Library today to see the motorcycle exhibit and to show my friend the Library and view. The old Harley-Davidson motorcycles on display are my favorite.”

The Society of Riders supports many charities. According to rider Mike Gian, who came on the ride to see the Library’s motorcycle exhibit, they started their day at Bob’s Big Boy, where 15 percent of their meal’s proceeds was donated to support an Autism charity.

Fellow rider Kermit Atkinson was thankful he was able to join the ride.

Kermit Atkinson says: “I have great admiration and respect for President Reagan. Ronald Reagan was such a great guy and we miss him.”

The “Born to be Wild: Vintage and Celebrity Motorcycles” Exhibit, which chronicles the history and rich tradition of motorcycle culture from around the world, is currently on display at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum through Nov. 9, 2010 within the Library’s Air Force One Pavilion.

The exhibit includes the display of dozens of iconic movie and celebrity motorcycles as well as rare and vintage motorcycles dating back to 1899.

For more information please visit reaganlibrary.com or call 800-410-8354. The Reagan Library is located at 40 Presidential Drive in Simi Valley, California.