Minnesota Mile: AMA Flat Track Results

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After a short 13-year hiatus the AMA Pro K&N Filters Grand National Championship presented by Motorcycle-Superstore.com Series returned to Canterbury Park for the Minnesota Mile.

While the track was not perfect, it was much better than the last time the "Rolling Thunder Show" visited Minnesota and it was very good to Harley-Davidson Motor Company's #2 Kenny Coolbeth.

Pursuing his first Grand national win since Indianapolis of 2009, Coolbeth came from deep in the eighteen rider field to capture the twenty five lap main by a little over three seconds.

Kenny Coolbeth says: "We really needed this, we've been so close. When I passed Jared (Mees), I signaled him to get in line so we could run down the leaders, but it didn't work out. The next thing I knew I was passed (Matt) Weidman and closing on Jake (Johnson)."

"I was following Jake and he started to use my line and I almost hit him, but then I was able to get by and then it was just clear sailing, just stay consistent. It was hard to see that outside berm and you had to be real careful not to get in too hot."

Zanotti Racing's #5 Jake Johnson had got the hole shot and the race looked like it was going to be a two rider battle as Greg Crow Racing / White's Harley-Davidson's #20 Matt Weidman quickly separated themselves from the rest of the field. Weidman was all over Johnson, taking the lead several times, but unable to lead at the finish line.

Coolbeth was reeling in the lead duo and was able to wedge himself into second on lap eleven. Once into second he wasted little time taking the lead and pulling to his first win of the year.

Weidman's next problem was Rogers Lake Racing / Blue Springs Harley-Davidson's #1 Jared Mees and Mees took third on lucky lap thirteen. Weidman had the Monster Energy Kawasaki of Werner-Springsteen's #42 Bryan Smith and Lancaster Harley-Davidson's #4 Chris Carr challenging him after Mees got by.

KK Motorcycle Supply / Mike & Eddie Adkins's #17 Henry Wiles was the rider on the move as mechanical problems had knocked him out of a sure heat win and forced him to win the semi to get a third row start in the main. Wiles was cutting through the field, working his way up from tenth to fourth by lap twenty two.

Weidman held on for fifth after his brilliant start. Bryan Smith and Chris Carr battled over sixth with Smith edging the seven time Grand National Champion out.

Series points leader Latus Harley-Davidson / ENI USA's #3 Joe Kopp was in the lead pack early, but scraped off his brake pedal on lap two and forced to ride the tricky race track with no brake. Kopp was leading a huge pack in the battle over eighth place until lap twenty when he broke his chain going into turn one, ending his night.

Scott Powersports' #10 Johnny Lewis was able to take his Kawasaki to the eighth place finish over Bonneville Performance's #32 Shawn Baer and Kings Kustoms / KK Motorcycle Supply's Jethro Halbert.

Earlier in the night the rejuvenated Chris Carr captured the four lap Dash for Cash. Carr only led the last few inches of the race as he drafted Jake Johnson at the line.

Johnson's four points from the Dash moved him to within six points of Joe Kopp and the K&N Filters Grand National Championship presented by Motorcycle-Superstore.com points lead.

Johnson's strong race and then Kopp's sudden misfortune give Johnson a ten point lead with two races to go. Mees (-19), Wiles (-26), Coolbeth (-34) and Sammy Halbert (-37) all still have a mathematical chance at the title.

Motorcycle-Superstore.com Pro Singles Grand National Championship points leader Van's Yamaha / Woody Kyle Racing's #24P Jeffery Carver came away with win number five on the season and now holds a twenty seven point lead over tonight's third place finisher and last year's class Champion Rod Lake / Mike Velasco's #1 Brad Baker.

Mack Daddy Racing / RHC Product's #33E Mike Avila finish second just one second off the lead. Monster Energy Kawasaki / Werner-Springsteen Racing's Chaz Springsteen and Priestley Racing's Corey Crawford filled out the top five.

Minnesota Mile AMA Flat Track Results:
Canterbury Park
Shakopee, Minn.

AMA PRO MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM PRO SINGLES MAIN (12 laps; 18 riders): 1. Jeffery Carver (Yam); 2. Mike Martin (Hon); 3. Brad Baker (Hon); 4. Chaz Springsteen (Kaw); 5. Corey Crawford (Hon); 6. Conner Anderson (Hon); 7. Gerit Callies (Hon); 8. Michael Toon (Hon); 9. William Cato (Hon); 10. Jake Cunningham (Suz); 11. Wyatt Maguire (Yam); 12. Kurtis Lee (Hon); 13. Justin Minnaert (Kaw); 14. Kevin Walter (KTM); 15. Adam Bushman (Hon); 16. Scott Barrett (Hon); 17. Nicholas Mataya (Yam); 18. Mike Martin (Hon).

Time: 8:30.341

AMA PRO MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM PRO SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP POINT STANDINGS (After 15 of 17 rounds): 1. Jeffery carver (278 pts / 5 wins); 2. Brad Baker (251 / 4 wins); 3. Mike Avila (182); 4. James Rispoli (160); 5. (TIE) JD Beach (4 wins) / Mike Martin (118); 7. (TIE) Chas Springsteen / Mike LaBelle (116); 9. Michael Toon (91 / 2 wins); 10. Jake Shoemaker (90); 11. William Cato (79); 12. Gerit Callies (67); 13. Zakk Palmer (66); 14. Jeremy Hamilton (59); 15. (TIE) Corey Crawford / Shayna Texter (57); 17. Wyatt Maguire (55); 18. Tyler O'Hara (47); 19. Kurtis Lee (38); 20. Brandon Laursen (35).

GNT DASH FOR CASH (4 laps; 6 riders): 1. Chris Carr (H-D); 2. Jake Johnson (H-D); 3. Matt Weidman (H-D); 4. Jared Mees (H-D); 5. Kenny Coolbeth (H-D); 6. Rob Pearson (H-D).

Time: 2:45.440

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM MAIN (25 laps; 18 riders): 1. Kenny Coolbeth (H-D); 2. Jake Johnson (H-D); 3. Jared Mees (H-D); 4. Henry Wiles (H-D); 5. Matt Weidman (H-D); 6. Bryan Smith (Kaw); 7. Chris Carr (H-D); 8. Johnny Lewis (Kaw); 9. Shawn Baer (Tri); 10. Jethro Halbert (H-D); 11. Luke Gough (H-D); 12. Jeremy Higgins (KTM); 13. Nichole Cheza (H-D); 14. Mick Kirkness (Suz); 15. Dustin Crow (H-D); 16. Joe Kopp (Duc); 17. Rob Pearson (H-D); 18. Chad Cose (Suz).

Time: 16:57.197

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM POINT STANDINGS (After 15 of 17rounds): 1. Jake Johnson (265 pts / 2 wins); 2. Joe Kopp (255 / 3 wins); 3. Jared Mees (246); 4. Henry Wiles (239 / 5 wins); 5. Kenny Coolbeth (231 / 1 win); 6. Sammy Halbert (228 / 1 win); 7. Chris Carr (190); 8. Bryan Smith (177 / 2 wins); 9. Matt Weidman (108); 10. Johnny Lewis (103); 11. Rob Pearson (90); 12. Mick Kirkness (79); 13. Jethro Halbert (77); 14. Stevie Bonsey (69 / 1 win); 15. Luke Gough (46); 16. Brandon Robinson (42); 17. JR Schnabel (41); 18. Shaun Russell (39); 19. Willie McCoy (35); 20. PJ Jacobsen (31).

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM TWINS POINT STANDINGS (After 9 of 11 rounds): 1. Jake Johnson (167 pts / 1 win); 2. Kenny Coolbeth (153 / 1 win); 3. Sammy Halbert (147); 4. Jared Mees (146); 5. Joe Kopp (144 / 2 wins); 6. Chris Carr (140); 7. Bryan Smith (125 / 2 wins); 8. Henry Wiles (98 / 1 win); 9. Matt Weidman (73); 10. Rob Pearson (57); 11. Stevie Bonsey (55 / 1 win); 12. (TIE) Mick Kirkness / Luke Gough (39); 14. Johnny Lewis (35); 15. Willie McCoy (33); 16. PJ Jacobsen (31); 17. Jethro Halbert (29); 18. Brandon Robinson (24); 19. JR Schnabel (22); 20. Larry Pegram (17).


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