AMA Flat Track: Indy Mile iReport

Indy Mile Report

So we were off to Indy, which is one of our biggest races on the season to debut Weirbach Racings brand new sv 650 flat tracker.

I was excited to get on the big twin and get some more experience in the twins class, especially at a round like Indy. Travis Smith showed up and after tech we were all ready to take it to the track.

First practice went well, basically a shake down to make sure everything was going to be working ok. Ended qualifying around 33rd which I felt was a decent time as it is hard to compete with the experience of the Harleys.

I was on the second row for my heat race but the Suzuki gets off the line very well. Moved up pretty far through the first turns but slowly went backwards.

It was good to get on the track with a bunch of guys around the same speed as me and try and learn a few things about the big twin.

Finished the heat with a reasonable 11th and was ready to get some more seat time in the semi. Back on the second row again and off with a good start.

This time I was around fifth coming off of turn two and tried to compare to the front runners.

Finished the semi battling around mid pack with a tenth. All and all for the first day out on the big twin it was a success, no falls and nothing broke.

I'm excited to get out on a track I know and have had some fun on before, Springfield mile. I'd like to give a big thanks out to Travis Smith, Chris Boone, Steve Janisch, and Dick Weirbach for all making this possible.


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