2011 Star Motorcycles | Preview

2011 Star Motorcycles

Star Motorcycles will be offering 13 returning models for 2011, with the bikes being released in two separate waves. This is in addition to the new 2011 Star Stryker.

In August, you were be able to get the Royal Star Venture S, a V-4 touring cruiser. It is available in Impact Blue/Deep Blue and have an MSRP of $20,090. Also, released last month was the two Raider customs–the Raider (MSRP $14,490) and Raider S (MSRP $15,290).

The Raider will be Reddish Copper and Raider S buyers can choose between Raven and Glacier Blue.

Hod-rodders will be happy to see the VMax in Granite Gray and an MSRP of $19,890.

Also out in September are the V Star 1300 Tourer (MSRP $11,990), V Star 950 Tourer (MSRP $9390 in Raven or Candy Red) and touring-ready Road Star Silverado S (Black Cherry, MSRP $15,490).

Standard cruisers getting the September release are the V Star 950 (MSPR $8390 in Raven; $8290 in Deep Blue) and V Star 250 (MSRP $4090 in Raven).

In February 2011, four more returning Stars will shine, including updated V Star 1300 cruiser. It gets a new seat that is lower and more dish-shaped, handlebars that are swept back farther, a chrome headlight and belt guard, as well as a new fuel tank emblem. It will come in Raven paint with a MSRP of $10,890.

Three more February 2011 releases include the Stratoliner Deluxe bagger, which will be the only Stratoliner for ’11. It will be Raven and have an MSRP of $17,490.

The Road Star S returns unchanged in the standard cruiser line, with Raven paint and an MSRP of $13,390. Also, the V Star 650 Custom is back, also in Raven, and with a MSRP of $6890.