Molly Culver Hosts New TV Show

Molly Culver TV Show

Twenty Americans from across the country have nailed the chance to be crowned the “handiest of them all” in the new HGTV series, All American Handyman, hosted by the talented Molly Culver.

Molly Culver, long time motorcycle enthusiast, started her career by booking fifty commercials while living in NY before she decided to head to Hollywood. “I spent some time taking acting and improv classes. I knew time is of the essence in this arena, so I went for it!”

Once arriving in LA, she landed the hit show V.I.P. starring Pamela Anderson after just a few months. “I know how lucky I was, but I was ready for it.” V.I.P. kept Molly busy for 4 years. “We worked so hard on that show I didn’t know how to get anywhere unless it was on a crew map!”

When V.I.P. ended Molly thought she was going to take it easy for a little while. “I was taking some time off just riding my motorcycles when an opportunity of a lifetime came around. Dirt Rider Adventures.”

Culver hosted the show on OLN for 2 years. “What a blast it was to travel all around the world taking motorcycle adventures!” She also spent some time hosting the AMA supermoto series also on OLN.

“Not only was it a chance to get better at something I loved but it was an opportunity to show that women rock on a bike!” Both V.I.P. and Dirt Rider Adventures are in syndication around the world.

Molly also hosted the Biker Build off Ultimate Chop in Las Vegas, Nevada. This show featured talented bike makers in a head-to-head challenge to build various types of custom motorcycles.

Now Molly embarks on a new TV series. The goal of the series: to find America’s best handyman (or handywoman), the one with real skill, integrity and the right stuff to impress the judges.

To avoid elimination, contestants must showcase their abilities under the watchful gaze of HGTV’s celebrity judges Mike Holmes, Holmes on Homes and Scott McGillivray, Income Property plus a secret weekly judge.

All 20 contestants have proven they’ve got what it takes but only one will walk away with the coveted title of “All American Handyman,” a $10,000 Sears prize package and an HGTV development deal.

You can catch Molly and her new show Sundays at 9 pm on HGTV.


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