I.C.E. Completes Vegas to Reno Race

Enduro Moto Racing

I.C.E. Training founder and president, Rob Pincus, an internationally respected trainer and consultant in various combative fields, found a new venue to test his competitive skill set.

Together with teammate John Kirkendoll and sponsored by Crossbreed Holsters and LaserLyte with support from Baja Bound Moto, Pincus completed the off road "Vegas to Reno" race, the longest off-road race in the U.S. at 534 miles.

On Monday, Team I.C.E. Motorsports completed the arduous course with some of the most varied terrains in the world in just a little over 24 hours on a Honda CRF-450 X motorbike.

The TSCO "Vegas to Reno" race takes racers from the high desert floor at 2,500 feet elevation to mountainous heights of over 9,000 feet, forcing competitors to adjust to the changing pressures while enduring extreme temperature variations.

Team I. C. E. finished the first leg of the race strong. In John’s second leg, a fall and broken radiator set the team back into the mix of oncoming trophy trucks and 4-wheel vehicles that started three hours after the motorcycles.

After fighting the rough terrain and traffic, the team decided to stop and fix a reoccurring electrical problem that would prove hazardous if the bike ran into the increasing darkness of the evening hours.

Tim Morton of Baja Bound Moto found the malfunctioning regulator and replaced it giving Team I.C.E. Motorsports a chance to get back in the race and finish in time. In this grueling competition over 25 percent of the entries do not even complete the course due to mechanical failure, injury or just not reaching the finish line in the allotted time frame.

Team I.C.E. Motorsports would be in the 75 percent that crossed the finish line.

Rob frequently posted the team’s status, images and video to the I.C.E. Motorsports Facebook fan page where many motorsports fans and shooting sports fans could jointly cheer on the team.

Rob Pincus says: "This was a big adventure and we plan to more with I.C.E. Motorsports. Again, it would not have been possible without support from our Industry Sponsors, Crossbreed Holsters and Laserlyte! There is a lot of crossover between the motor sports world and the shooting world and many racers and spectators took time to comment and ask about our sponsors."

Mark Craighead (founder of Crossbreed Holsters) says: "CrossBreed Holsters is exploring the off road arena as an advertising venue due to what we perceive as a high level of crossover in the markets. Most 4×4 and dirt bike guys (and gals) are also gun guys and gals. The crossover is obvious and I suspect larger than many folks think it is."

"We chose Rob’s team as a starting point as he already is well known in the firearms community and so stands as a natural to facilitate the cross-marketing effort."

Aaron Moore, VP of Laserlyte confirmed why a sponsorship with Team I.C.E. works for their company,

Aaron Moore says: "Rob Pincus has a dedicated following of intelligent people who enjoy shooting. Working with Rob and sponsoring him is always a great way to reach out to customers that we may have missed in standard marketing."

Exhausted but exhilarated after completing one of the toughest off road races, Rob Pincus, John Kirkendall and Tim Morton packed up the bike but not their plans to continue to pursue their passions through I.C. E. Motorsports.