Honda VFR1200F Dual Clutch | Video

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Honda has produced a video demonstrating the VFR1200F's Dual Clutch Transmission in action. It shows how smoothly the automatic transmission transitions between its six speed.

Honda developed the Dual Clutch Transmission in the VFR1200F with automated clutch and shift operation with the goal of delivering the riding enjoyment of a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic. Further goals were enhanced comfort and sporty performance.

As the name implies, there are two clutches in the DCT. One clutch is used for start-up and first, second, and fifth gears, and the other clutch for second, fourth, and sixth gears. The clutches and shifting are electronically controlled to achieve seamless shifting.

With the Dual Clutch Transmission, Honda claims that it has "successfully combined the manual transmission's direct, intuitive transmission of engine output to the rear wheel with the enhanced appeal of uninterrupted power at all times and the ability to control acceleration and deceleration with the throttle and brake alone, even during sporty riding."

There are three operating modes of the Dual Clutch Transmission. Two automatic (AT) shift modes are D mode, for city and highway riding; and S mode, for high-revving, sporty riding. The manual (MT) mode lets you shift gears manually (with electronic assistance) using a paddle shifter on the bars.


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