Custom Cycle Control: Riser Mounts

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Custom Cycle Control Systems Inc. recently released their new improved riser mount kit, which allows you to pass all of your internal lines (wires, cables & hoses) thru the bolts and exit the under side of the top triple tree.

Use with any triple tree set up for HD standard bushings/vibration dampeners.

These are a great option when you are using our Climax Controls & building your own bars! Use only with 1.25" bars stock with .095 wall thickness.

Each kit includes:
• 4 Chrome Washers
• 4 Poly Bushings
• 2 Stainless Riser Bolts
• 2 Chrome Hex Nuts
• 2 Threaded Handlebar Inserts / Bungs

MSRP: $180

Custom Cycle Control also offers a complete series of award winning "Climax Controls" or Complete Climax Hand Control/Handlebar systems. They have a wide variety of handlebar styles, gauge options and grip choices.

Need something custom made - call them; they can accommodate just about any custom order.

Custom Cycle Control Systems - creating simple solutions to common problems.


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