Motocross Riders Discover ‘Real Brazil’

FIM MX1 / MX2 News

With the weekend marking the FIM Motocross World Championship’s comeback to Brazil after its successful return last year, Mormaii offered a selected group of Grand Prix racers and media the chance to discover the "real Brazil" through a visit of the "Fazenda Riviera" (Riviera Ranch).

The day’s program included lots of fun stuff entertaining Mormaii’s guests in pure Brazilian style.

The Mormaii Day was focused on the Pantanal Region and on the Mato Grosso do Sul state, now hosting the GP of Brazil in the capital Campo Grande after Canelinha last year.

Mormaii’s goal of presenting the typical traditions and marvels of Brazil to the FIM Motocross World Championship collective was reached through an exciting program mixing fun activities and cultural explanations.

After being welcomed with a set of gifts related to the Mato Grosso do Sul culture and enjoying an aperitif with exotic drinks, the guests watched a show of traditional music and dancing, with the racers and their partners being guided into the dances by the Brazilian teachers.

Lunch unveiled to be the occasion for the guests to discover some of the Mato Grosso do Sul’s specialties such as the Piranha Soup and the Soba, a Japanese dish based on thin noodles of buckwheat flour which was introduced in the Campo Grande area by the Japanese immigrants in the past.

The Soba was surprisingly served by French countrymen Musquin and Frossard teaming up in a perfect cooking duo.

In the afternoon everyone was offered the chance to discover the farm’s area on horse, stop by the farm’s lake to fish or just relax by the swimming pool. Most of the riders instead joined with the media to play a football game "Riders against The Rest", with the latter eventually losing this unusual funny match.

Before leaving the Riviera Farm, everyone was given a kit to prepare the "Terere", a typical Mato Grosso do Sul drink made of cold water and bitter herbs.

The Terere is popular for reducing the feeling of thirst in the high temperatures of Southern Brazil.

Attending the Mormaii Day were Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team mates Antonio Cairoli, Max Nagl, Rui Gonçalves, Marvin Musquin, Shaun Simpson, LS Motors Honda’s Davide Guarneri and Tanel Leok, Aprilia Racing’s Josh Coppins, Kawasaki Racing’s Xavier Boog, Honda Racing MX’s Jimmy Albertson, Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross’ Gautier Paulin, Bike-it Cosworth Yamaha UK’s Zach Osborne, Kawasaki CLS’ team mates Steven Frossard and Jeremy Van Horebeek, Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci’s Alessandro Lupino.

At the end of the Mormaii Day, the riders headed back to Campo Grande -just 20 km away from the ranch- to start their final preparations ahead of the Grand Prix of Brazil starting off this Saturday. With just three Grand Prix’s to go, this event holds a chance for both Cairoli and Musquin to collect their 2010 World Title as both currently lead the MX1 and MX2 series respectively.