Sturgis: Hot Leathers Official Licensee

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Like sunshine on chrome or rubber on an open highway, Sturgis and Hot Leathers complement each other seamlessly.

A major and reliable component of Sturgis Rally Week, the industry leader in motorcycle apparel and accessories not only provides motorcyclists with authentic and original merchandise but has played a significant role in helping to brand Sturgis as the ultimate biker experience.

As a result, Hot Leathers recently signed a long-term licensing contract with newly created Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc. making Hot Leathers their primary merchandise licensee.

The most noteworthy and internationally renowned motorcycle event brand and two-wheel gathering in the world, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally recently fashioned a new official non-profit organization in June 2010. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc. was created to watch over Sturgis’ intellectual property for the good of the Sturgis community and the rally.

Hot Leathers now joins SMRI in promoting and growing Sturgis’ brand awareness worldwide.
The licensing agreement outlines the creation of many products including staple souvenir items currently produced as well as many new item categories to be brought to the market over the next few years.

Both entities are hopeful that the synergy of the Sturgis brand combined with Hot Leathers’ one-of-a-kind design and art is able to grow the Sturgis name worldwide and bring it to a new level.

Jerry Berkowitz (Hot Leathers President) says: "We feel honored that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has picked us to partner with them in developing greater opportunities for the future. Because of our year-round roots in the community this partnership with the Sturgis Brand is a natural for us. We hope to honor the 70 year tradition of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally by developing new designs and products that can reach many more people than the ones that attend the rally every year."

Hot Leathers in conjunction with SMRI is looking to benefit the City of Sturgis by developing quality products to be marketed to the worldwide biker community. A portion of the proceeds of all of Hot Leathers’ licensed products will be paid to SMRI who in turn will become the conduit for giving back to the greater Sturgis Community.

Jerry Berkowitz says: "By making consumers aware of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the City of Sturgis, and the Black Hills as the major vacation destinations that they are, we will in turn be assisting the City of Sturgis and that’s our main goal."


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