Dynacycle Oil Claims Increased Horsepower

Motorcycle Test

The Dynacycle Oil Company has announced that their product, Dynacycle Oil, has out performed Amsoil MCV in recent independent dynamometer testing under accelerated conditions.

The test, conducted on a Dynojet 168 / 188 dynamometer using a 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1250cc as a mule, measured an increase of an additional 1.6 more horsepower, 1.8 more pounds of torque, and ran 10 degrees cooler just by changing the oil to Dynacycle.

The recent independent Dynojet 168 / 188 dynamometer testing was conducted by Daniel Dunn, owner of NRHS V-Twin Performance, established in 2003.

Dan's business, located at 1804 Skyway Drive, Unit B, Longmont, Colorado, 80504, specializes in CNC Headwork, Bore Kits, and "All things Harley and Buell."

In addition, Dan and the NRHS Team have set the record for the "Fastest American V-Twin" at the Bubs at Bonneville, 5 of the last 7 years, including 2009 when they broke the record going 186+ mph.

The Dynacycle Oil Company is a biker owned and operated business established in 2003. Their product, Dynacycle Oil is a premium 20W-50 semi-synthetic blend motor oil specifically formulated for all 4 stroke air and water cooled motorcycle and performance engines.

Dynacycle claims that it combines the performance advantages of a high quality synthetic formulation with the economical price of petroleum.

They further state that it provides shear and oxidation stability, superior anti-wear and deposit control for premium lubrication performance and engine protection.

Its superior protection reduces engine friction thus decreasing temperature and wear and increasing horsepower and torque.

If you would like more information about Dynacycle Oil, please visit them at http://dynacycleoil.com.


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