Washougal Motocross: Trey Canard on Top

AMA Motocross

GEICO Powerspors Honda's Trey Canard made it three Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross wins in a row at Saturday's Washougal National when he raced his 250cc bike to a sweep of both motos.

Trey Canard says: "I was struggling in the beginning of the series, I switched up some things in my program and things turned around. Just to be out here and win is so cool, I don't even think about the wins behind me."

Canard hasn't had the best experiences in Washougal, considering he broke his femur at this race in 2008, and didn't get a chance to compete last year due to a wrist injury. Even with that in the back of his mind, Canard didn't let it stand between himself and a third straight victory.

Trey Canard says: "I really did have some mixed emotions coming in here because of the way I left here in 2008. I don't even remember anything about this race. So to come out and have two good motos and practices, it's just an awesome day."

Canard is right on the tail of current points leader Christophe Pourcel. Canard moved around Dean Wilson into second in championship standings.

Trey Canard says: "I just wanted to chip away and get some good laps in. I just kept pushing. When you're in that zone, it's a great place to be."

Australian native Brett Metcalfe rode his GEICO Powersports Honda to a podium finish in the 450cc class. He managed to finish third in the first moto, and fifth in the second, earning him a combined overall finished of 3rd.

Brett Metcalfe says: "The first moto went really well, finished out third. The second moto I had a good start and then lost the rear end and dumped it. All I could think about was riding it as hard as I could and trying to get as many points for the championship."

Metcalfe also moved up a spot to secure third position in the championship standings.

Kevin Windam, who came back for the outdoor season when Red Bull Honda called him after one of its 450cc riders got hurt, had a successful weekend in just his second race back. He finished seventh overall, with a ninth place finish in each moto.

Up and coming star Blake Wharton rode his GEICO Powersports Honda to a fourth place overall finish in the 250s. He finished fifth and fourth, respectively. He said he was satisfied with his performance, but knows that there is more he can do as a rider to get his Honda to a podium finish.

Blake Wharton says: "First moto was OK, but I just rode a lot better in the second. I was in no-man's land for a while and I would have liked to be closer to the front group but once I got into fourth, I was out of gas. We definitely have some work to do, but we'll take two weeks off and go get back on the podium."

Rookie rider Eli Tomac took his bike to a seventh overall finish, running seventh in the first moto and ninth in the second. This was his first time riding this tricky track.

Eli Tomac says: "The first moto was bad start for me, but physically I was better, I made it through without dying of heat. During the second moto in the middle there I was going pretty fast, almost running at the leaders pace which I was totally pumped with. Then with three laps to go I kind of got overheated, and just couldn't see."

Justin Barcia is GEICO Powersports Honda's most aggressive riders and Washougal was no different. He was on a stellar run in the first 250 moto, running in the top five until struck with mechanical issues with about seven minutes left in the 30 minute race.

Justin Barcia says: "First moto was going really good, I was in third and I was charging to the front and my fuel pump went out. It's no one's fault really, just happens but it's tough when you're on a great moto."

During the second moto, Barcia was running in the front again, battling for third when he came around a turn, pushing just a little too hard and spun out after he had just taken back third place.

Justin Barcia says: "Second moto, another great moto, was running third, had a little crash and put me back. I finished 10th I think, pretty tough weekend I'd say. Going home, going to relax a little bit on the break, and also work real hard, and try to get back up front."

Overall Barcia finished 32nd and 10th respectively, earning him a 16th overall finish. Barcia moved up one spot and is currently fifth in the championship points. Teammate Blake Wharton currently sits sixth, and rookie Eli Tomac is eighth.

The next stop for the GEICO Powersports Honda is the Aug. 14 Unadilla National at New Berlin, N.Y.


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