Akrapovic Exhaust: Growth Phase

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Just in from the Akrapovic Exhaust Company... who is continuing an extensive growth phase. In just a few years, we have developed from a small workshop of just a few people to an industrial plant with over 420 employees, now active in four separate divisions: motorcycle exhaust systems, car exhaust systems, composite-based products, and our recently launched titanium casting facility.

Our strategic future plan includes constant expansion and progress. In the long term we plan to enter a number of new fields such as aerospace, medicine, chemicals, and other industries, while remaining loyal to our core business: the industry of motorcycles and cars, where our aim is also to further expand .

All of these activities are related, and we are making moves to prepare platforms for further growth and business development. One of our crucial activities is establishing various distribution concepts, which also ensures a strong presence on the market.

We therefore need to significantly enhance our presence, using various concepts and strategies such as opening branch offices and/or appointing representative agents.

We are pleased to inform you that we are opening a branch office in the US called Akrapovic America. In terms of territory, the office will initially focus on North America, but later also build links with Central and South America.

The company will mainly focus on:

• Improving brand availability and awareness
• Improving knowledge of our products and thus recognition
• Implementing business intelligence to improve monitoring, planning, and coordination
• Taking advantage of all business opportunities
• Improving after-sales service

In order to achieve these goals, we also anticipate strong commitment on your side as well. We are convinced that this is the best way to improve the quality of our service as well as increase our market share in your country.


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