Motorcycles: MotoShare Joins Classic Car Club

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Jupiter's MotoShare, the motorcycle sharing club and the world's most famous private Classic Car Club have come together to provide its members with the keys to some of the world's most amazing cars and motorcycles.

For more than a decade, Classic Car Club has been an escape from the ordinary both in the services and innovation. Classic Car Club gives its members access to a dream garage full of the world's most exotic cars.

In addition, it provides a rallying place for car enthusiasts with a clubhouse atmosphere and happy hour events. Most notably it's a convenient and hassle free way of enjoying a variety of cars without owning in New York City.

Jupiter's MotoShare echoes the innovative structure of the Classic Car Club by allowing members access to a stable of motorcycles while avoiding the responsibly of ownership and saving them money. Together they are a hassle free way of enjoying motor-sports in NYC.

Jupiter's MotoShare is a Brooklyn based motorcycle rental company. It provides members access to a variety of superior motorcycles, all while avoiding the hassle of ownership.

If you don't have a proper space for storage, or the time you'd like for maintenance. Perhaps life demands that you remain an infrequent rider, or you're finding it harder to justify the expense of owning a motorcycle in a seasonal climate. Maybe you're bi-coastal, splitting your life between New York and L.A. Contact:

Classic Car Club is a Manhattan based automobile company. It provides its members with access to a variety of exotic cars while avoiding the hassles of ownership. Contact:


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