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Gravesend Cycles, a motorcycle industry premier and high-end custom bike shop, is known for its superior engineering and one-of-a-kind bikes all of which exude their trademark craftsmanship.

Created by champion bike builder, Copper Mike, Gravesend Cycles is proud to add a number of new additions to its burgeoning selection of specialty motorcycle parts including the Springer Front End Leg Conversion and Hide-Away Passenger Pegs.

The Springer Front End Leg Conversion was created specifically to replace the front leg on your DNA or Hard body Springer Front End. Its CNC radius cut lines offer a unique custom look along the top of the fork leg and CNC machined indents as well as front speed hole create an entirely different and much sleeker appearance.

Installation of the Springer Front End Leg Conversion is very simple for a competent mechanic. The conversion comes in raw steel, chrome, copper, gold, brass or nickel plating and can also be special ordered in ball milled and twisted. Copper Mike's Springer Front End Leg Conversion is available online at starting at only $195.

Gravesend Cycles' Hide-Away Passenger Pegs are also now available and can bolt onto custom motorcycle frames that have a cross seat support bar; a 1 ¾" diameter tube may be drilled for a larger frame. The Hide-Away Passenger Pegs are 10 ¾" closed and 18" open with an overall diameter of 1".

To create a clean and custom look, these pegs have the ability to slide out and lock when you have company as well as slide in and lock when you don't. Gravesend Cycles' Hide-Away Passenger Pegs are made of steel and sell for $195.

Gravesend Cycles is pure, handmade authenticity and performance. Accomplished bike builder, Copper Mike is the driving force behind this new and elite shop, drawing upon his years of bike building expertise and his lifelong quest to create the perfect ride.

His new collection of unique, vintage and contemporary bikes fulfills a promise that Copper Mike made to himself many years ago: To design and build his own bikes just as he envisions them, piece by piece from the motors out, combining the best components and engineering with an undeniable look. Check out Gravesend Cycles selection of exceptional bikes, parts and apparel online at


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