Road Deaths Hit Record Lows

Fatalities Decline

The Association of Constructors for European Motorcycles (ACEM) reports that road deaths are at a record low. For the first time, the International Transport Forum (IFT) puts the figure at less than 150,000 killed in road accidents.

According to data from the 52 member countries of the International Transport Forum (ITF), excluding India, road fatalities reached an all-time low. Motorbike accidents are included in these numbers, so this is good news for motorcyclist.

The data released by the Paris based organization, which is part of the OECD family, show that road fatalities recorded the biggest decrease since 1990 with a drop of 8.9% in 2008 compared to 2007.

Preliminary data for 2009 shows a continuing significant reduction in the number of road deaths for most ITF member countries, recording a drop of almost 10%.

"The moderating effects of the economic crisis on road traffic appear to be one reason for this favorable trend", said Jack Short, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum.

"But many governments can also take credit for road safety policies that are now starting to produce results."

Examples of motorcycle safety campaigns supported by governments include the "Share The Road, Look Twice for Motorcyclist" in the USA and the "Keep an Eye Out for Motorcycles" in Italy.

The campaign has been christened "Occhio alla moto" – "Keep an eye out for motorcycles" clearly pointing out how seeing and being seen is an important aspect of motorcycle / scooter safety.

The Italian campaign focuses on two different user groups: the car driver and the powered two-wheeler rider. A specific message has been tailored for each user category.

Powered two-wheeler (PTW) riders are advised to increase their visibility and make sure that other vehicle sees them. Posters and on-line banners provide clear advice:

* Do not take for granted that you’ll be seen.
* Remember to use the indicators.
* Always overtake from the left.
* And you’ll be noticed better.

The message sent to car drivers is perfectly symmetrical:

* Be aware of other road users.
* Always put the indicator on before turning.
* Always look at the right rearview mirror.
* And you’ll better spot PTW riders.

The budget allocated by ANCMA for the "Occhio alla Moto" campaign is 300.000€, however its success relies on the involvement of committed stakeholders such as Fondazione ANIA, Autogrill and the management authority of the Milano Serravalle motorway, a network of 184,6 Km around the highly populated Milan metropolitan area.

Italy is the largest market in Europe with almost 10 million motorcycles / scooters on the roads and yearly registrations well over 500,000 units.