KN-Kone Motorcycle Engine From S&S

Motorcycle Engine

The new KN-Kone motorcycle engine combines the look of a knuckle, with the bulletproof design and charging system of the 1970-’99 style alternator lower end.

By combining classic lines and modern dependability S&S has come up with a retro look that never gets old. The classically styled motorcycles of the past just can’t be beat for coolness.

The problem is that the good old days weren’t always as good as we sometimes remember them. Sometimes those old bikes could be cranky and unreliable. Now there’s a way to tap into the coolness of retro style while maintaining modern dependability.

The KN-Kone motor features the S&S Super E carburetor and Super Stock single fire ignition system. In spite of the larger 93" displacement the KN-Kone is the same height as a stock 74" or 80" shovel motor.

That means that it will bolt into any stock big twin chassis from 1970 to 1998, and will fit 1999 chassis originally equipped with a Harley-Davidson Evolution engine.

This engine can also be installed in earlier chassis if a transmission with a 1970-up main-shaft is used. The alternator style crankcase allows the use of modern primary, transmission, and clutch components, as well as a dependable electrical system.

The specifications for the KN-Kone are the same as the regular KN engines. The only difference is the style of the crankcase.

The KN-Kone engine will be available in August of 2010.  Supplies are limited so get your order in now. KN-KONE 93" ENGINE: MSRP $8750.00. Part Number: 310-0006

Engine: KN93
Displacement: 93"
Bore: 3 5/8"
Stroke: 4 ½"
Carb: S&S Super E
Camshaft: FHP 420
Piston Type: S&S Forged
Compression Ratio: 8.2:1


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