BMW S1000RR: Bitubo Suspension

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The Italian company Bitubo, the House of Shock Absorbers, has released some suspension components that will upgrade the handling on the new BMW S 1000 RR – ECH29 Fork Cartridges, XXF31 Rear Shock and a Damper. Combined, Bitubo says these components guarantee "flawless" suspension stability on the Bavarian Sportbike that produces 193 brake horsepower – forget about tank slappers.

ECH29 is Bitubo’s newest product. The pressurized fork cartridges were designed with the expertise of technical partners and racers all over Europe, including Tristan Palmer in the UK, Javi Fores in Spain, Werner Daemen and Berry Veneman in Germany, Benjamin Bjørnsen in Norway, and Sylvain Barrier and Michaël Savary at the World Championship.

These systems are the result of an extensive research and development by Bitubo’s R&D Department in collaboration with the best World Superbike teams, and also teams at the British and Italian Championship.

The innovative damping system creates immediate fork oscillation control, avoiding any cavitations of the internal fluid. The cartridges are asymmetrical – when one controls compression, the other controls rebound. The ECH29 also features 24 clicks of compression adjustment, and 12 clicks of preload adjustment, helping to finely tune the suspension. The cartridges are also designed for easy swapping on the BMW S1000RR.

The XXF31 rear shock has been refined, featuring a lightweight aluminum unit with a 14mm rod to enhance smoothness and a 30mm piston that reduces fluid masses, making it unique.

The XXF31 has 20 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment, and 24 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment, which reduces damping coefficient for the internals. The shock also features a variable wheelbase, hydraulically operated spring preload and has an 8mm range.

The Bitubo Damper features a nitrogen-gas charged co-axial compensation chamber, and 18 clicks of damping adjustability. The body is designed of Billet Ergal 7075, which is light and strong. Also, the dampers are easy to install, with no special tools required.

Bitubo, founded in 1963, is the ideal solution for bikers who want the best for their two-wheel vehicles: comfort, safety, driving precision and, above all, the quality of an excellent product, constantly developed in co-operation with some Italian Universities, updated with fatigue and destruction tests, both in software and dynamic simulations.

Bitubo ECH29 MSRP: $1,849
Bitubo XXF31 MSRP: $1,749
Bitubo Damper MSRP: $425