Yamaha Expands 2011 ATV Models

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Yamaha continues to expand its ATV line adding the new Grizzly 450 4x4 utility ATV with Electric Power Steering (EPS) and the all-new Raptor 125 sport ATV. These are the latest models to join Yamaha's dominating 2011 model year fleet of the highest performing, top quality off-road machines.

"The new Grizzly 450 EPS is a mid-level machine with top-of-the-line features that excels in trail riding and utility functions. The Raptor 125 is the first in its class from a major ATV manufacturer with true sport performance," said Mike Martinez, Yamaha's general manager of ATV and Side-by-Side operations.

"These two models give customers a couple of great new options within Yamaha's 2011 line. It's the superior functionality and performance in both of these ATVs, along with Yamaha's known durability and reliability, that provide the high value our customers expect."

The new Grizzly 450 EPS combines Yamaha's most innovative features for the outdoor and recreational enthusiast: award winning Electric Power Steering, industry exclusive Ultramatic automatic transmission with the centrifugal clutch system, On-Command 2WD, 4WD and 4WD diff-lock, and an all new rear sealed wet brake.

The new 450 includes all of these key features in a mid-level chassis - with an all new one piece frame and independent rear suspension - and strong 421cc, 4-stroke engine able to handle more than 250 pounds rack capacity and 1,322 pounds in towing.

The all-new Raptor 125 introduces Yamaha performance and engineering to the entry-level or step-up sport ATV market. This is the first 125-class sport ATV from a major ATV manufacturer.

The Raptor 125 is a true-sport machine with a 124cc, two valve, single overhead cam engine, five-speed manual transmission, electric start, hydraulic disk brakes and five-way preload adjustable suspension.

All combined, the new 125 has the same great suspension components and handling characteristics of the award-winning Raptor 250. The Raptor 125 also gets new Maxxis sport tires - 19-inches in front and 18-inches in back.

Yamaha's complete utility ATV line for 2011 announced this June includes the Grizzly 700 EPS, Grizzly 700 (non-EPS), Grizzly 550 EPS, Grizzly 550 (non-EPS), new Grizzly 450 with EPS, new Grizzly 450 (non-EPS), Grizzly 350 IRS 4x4, Grizzly 350 4x4, Grizzly 350 2WD, Grizzly 125 2WD and Big Bear 400 4x4.

Yamaha's 2011 sport ATV models announced this June include the Raptor 700R (also in a Special Edition model), Raptor 350, Raptor 250, Raptor 250R (with piggyback shocks), the all-new Raptor 125 and Raptor 90.

The 2011 Rhino 700 FI, including a Sport Edition, was announced in February.

2011 ATV - 4WD Series

Grizzly 700 EPS 4WD Special YFM7FGPSPA Special Edition Silver $10,099 August

Grizzly 700 EPS 4WD Hunter YFM7FGPHA Realtree AP Camo $9,949 June

Grizzly 700 EPS 4WD YFM7FGPAL Steel Blue $9,749 July

Grizzly 700 EPS 4WD YFM7FGPAGR Hunter Green $9,499

Grizzly 700 4WD Hunter YFM7FGHA Realtree AP Camo $9,349 June

Grizzly 700 4WD YFM7FGAL Steel Blue $9,149 June

Grizzly 700 4WD YFM7FGAGR Hunter Green $8,899

Grizzly 550 EPS 4WD Hunter YFM5FGPHA Realtree AP Camo $9,149 June

Grizzly 550 EPS 4WD YFM5FGPAL Steel Blue $8,949 July

Grizzly 550 EPS 4WD YFM5FGPAGR Hunter Green $8,699

Grizzly 550 4WD Hunter YFM5FGHA Realtree AP Camo $8,449 June

Grizzly 550 4WD YFM5FGAL Steel Blue $8,249 July

Grizzly 550 4WD YFM5FGAGR Hunter Green $7,999

Grizzly 450 EPS 4WD Hunter YFM45FGPHA Realtree AP Camo $7,849 August

Grizzly 450 EPS 4WD YFM45FGPAL (k) Steel Blue $7,799 October

Grizzly 450 EPS 4WD YFM45FGPAG Hunter Green $7,499 July

Grizzly 450 4WD Hunter YFM45FGHA Realtree AP Camo $7,249 August

Grizzly 450 4WD YFM45FGAGR Hunter Green $6,899 June

Grizzly 450 4WD YFM45FGAL Steel Blue

Big Bear 400 4WD Hunter YFM40FBHA Realtree AP Camo $6,949 June

Big Bear 400 4WD YFM40FBAGR Hunter Green $6,599 July

Big Bear 400 4WD YFM40FBAL Steel Blue

Grizzly 350 IRS 4WD Hunter YFM35FGIHA Realtree AP Camo $6,649 June

Grizzly 350 IRS 4WD YFM35FGIAG Hunter Green $6,299 July

Grizzly 350 IRS 4WD YFM35FGIAL Steel Blue

Grizzly 350 4WD Hunter YFM35FGHA Realtree AP Camo $5,949 June

Grizzly 350 4WD YFM35FGAGR Hunter Green $5,599 July

Grizzly 350 $WD YFM35FGAL Steel Blue

2011 ATV - 2WD Series

Grizzly 350 2WD YFM35GAGR Hunter Green $4,999 July

YFM35GAL Steel Blue

Grizzly 125 YFM125GAGR Hunter Green $3,599 June

YFM125GAL Steel Blue

2011 ATV - Sport Series

Raptor 700 Special Edition YFM7RSEA (k) Black Metallic $8,999 June

Raptor 700 YFM7RAL Team Yamaha Blue/White $8,399 April

YFM7RAW White/Red

Raptor 350 YFM35RAL Team Yamaha Blue/White $5,499 June

Raptor 250R YFM25RSPA (k) Team Yamaha Blue/White w/piggyback shocks $5,099 July

Raptor 250 YFM25RAL Team Yamaha Blue/White $4,599 June

YFM25RAW (k) White w/Graphics kit

Raptor 125 YFM125RAL Team Yamaha Blue/White $3,399 July

YFM125RAW (k) White w/Graphics kit

2011 ATV - Youth Series

Raptor 90 YFM90RAL Team Yamaha Blue/White $2,699 July

YFM90RAW (k) White w/Graphics kit


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