TTXGP Infineon Race 1 | Video Teaser


Click video to see the promo for the airing of Round 1 of the TTXGP North American Championship 2010, at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, CA, USA.

For the first time ever, a complete show dedicated to TTXGP zero-carbon motorcycle racing championship will be released on May 23rd, 2010.

The show features exclusive behind the scenes interviews, tech talks and wall-to-wall racing. With 8 cameras covering the racetrack, the show features an epic racing battle that unfolds as the riders push for the lead on every turn. The incredible whisper-jet footage of the race is becoming a milestone in motorsports.

This first 2010 TTXGP took place at the West Coast Moto Jam at Infineon on May 16th as part of the AMA SuperBike weekend.

Teams from across America came to change the hearts and minds of race fans by delivering compelling race action. The field was led with a turn-by-turn battle between ZeroAgni ridden by Shawn Higbee and Lightening Motorcycles, Michael Barnes. Each pushed the other to deliver a thrilling pace that was only 18 secs per lap off the AMA Superbike pace with each pulling 1:57 per lap.

The battle was finally decided when Barnes had to stop to cycle his bike through a reboot but still managed to hold of Michael Hannas to 3rd place on the

WerkStatt, Jennifer Bromme, riding the Mavizen TTX02, suffered a software glitch on the first turn of the first lap. Having to reboot her machine and standing still for about 30 secs, she finally started her race and climbed through the field taking 4th place behind Hannas.

Broome just beat out the second Zero satellite teams, KSquared Racing, ridden Kenyon Kludge, Zero’s chief electrical engineer riding a modified Zero stock bike.

The field was rounded out by Zoe Rem riding a modified commuter bike from Pril Motors. John Wild from Square Wave and Jason Lauritzen from Electric MotorSports brought up the rear.

Notable mentions to Spencer Smith from Volt and Thad Wolff from Team Electra who retired due to mechanical failures on lap 9 and lap 3 respectively.

2010 TTXGP Race Results | Infineon
1. 22 Shawn Higbee Zero/Agni 25:33.626 11 1:56.948 Pos. No. Team Constructor Points
2. 80 Michael Barnes Lightning 25:51.784 10 2:01.457 1 22 Zero/Agni 25
3. 15 Mike Hannas ElectricRaceBike 26:44.237 10 2:08.587 2 80 Lightning 20
4. 23 Jennifer Bromme Werkstatt 26:57.716 10 2:15.103 3 15 ElectricRaceBike 16
5. 14 Kenyon Kluge K Squared 29:54.606 10 2:16.393 4 23 Werkstatt 13
6. 18 Zoe Rem Pril Motors 27:51.617 9 2:41.026 5 14 K Squared 11
7. 16 John Wild Square Wave 26:21.047 8 2:44.726 6 18 Pril Motors 10
8. 20 Jason Lauritzen EMS 26:24.765 8 2:12.375 7 16 Square Wave 9

DNF 19 Spencer Smith Volt Motors 24:41.432 9 2:18.965 9 19 Volt Motors
DNF 37 Thad Wolff Team Electra 09:51.966 3 2:06.709 9 37 Team Electra

2010 TTXGP Points
1 22 Shawn Higbee 25
2 80 Michael Barnes 20
3 15 Mike Hannas 16
4 23 Jennifer Bromme 13
5 14 Kenyon Kluge 11
6 18 Zoe Rem 10
7 16 John Wild 9
8 20 Jason Lauritzen 8
9 19 Spencer Smith –
9 37 Thad Wolff –

Best Average Speed: 59.905 mph
Best Speed: 71.416 mph
Track distance 2.320 miles

The adventure continues on June 4th, 2010 with Round 2 at Road America Elkhart Lake, WI, and beyond as we build towards the grand final for the world in Albacete in October 2010. 

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