Shawn Higbee TTXGP Infineon | Race Video


This video shows Shawn Higbee racing for team Zero Agni at North America’s first electric superbike race (TTXGP Infineon).

Shawn Higbee produced lap times that were only 18 seconds off of the pace of the AMA SuperBikes. It was a great showing for electric racing motorcycles.

Higbee and Team Zero Agni took home top honors at the inaugural TTXGP and go down in history as the first winners of a fully electric motorcycle championship series road race held in North America.

The 11-lap duel took place last Sunday at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California, with accomplished AMA racer Shawn Higbee emerging victorious on his Zero/Agni prepared motorcycle.

As the weekend progressed, Higbee dominated the field to qualify for the pole position and held off an intense battle brought on by second-place finisher Michael Barnes.

The stealthy competitors maintained a consistent pace that was only 18 seconds off the lap times of the AMA Superbikes, which proved to be an impressive showing for the all-electric motorcycles in their first outing.

Shawn Higbee says: "I think this could turn into something big. It’s going to introduce a whole new industry to motorcycling."

"The engineers at Zero Motorcycles and Agni Motors are a whole new breed. I’m surprised at how close we are to gas bikes already. The lack of vibration is a new experience and the bike is very agile, you just glide along."

Gene Banman (CEO of Zero Motorcycles) says: "Shawn rode a great race, the motorcycle performed perfectly and the duel on the track made an already exciting race even more fun to watch. The effort that our team put into this race resulted in a fantastic demonstration of electric motorcycle performance. "

"At the same time, Zero is using this as an opportunity to test the new designs and technology that will drive the next evolution of Zero’s production motorcycles."