Victory Vision 8-Ball: Sound System

Motorcycle Accessory

Cycle Sounds, a leading manufacturer of audio equipment for the Powersports industry, has just introduced their Victory Vision 8-Ball fairing audio system. Kit includes 5.25 inch full range speakers, amplifier, and all necessary wiring and connectors to hook the system up.

Wiring harness includes quick disconnect for easy installation and removal of the fairing with the sound system installed. With Cycle Sound’s easy mp3 hookup, there is no need for a CD player or head unit.

Just connect the standard 3.5mm earphone jack to any audio source and enjoy the music. Cycle Sounds systems are compatible with most any mp3, GPS, satellite radio, etc.

Ed Files, President of Cycle Sounds, has over a dozen patents regarding their audio products and has recently introduced some revolutionary new products, including the new water-resistant Bagger Audio lids and the new Rock Box.

All Cycle Sounds products must pass a battery of rigorous tests based on "real" road condition simulations as well as extreme temperature changes.

Cycle Sounds, LLC produces a wide variety of audio components, not just for the Harley or Victory markets, but also for sportbikes, metric cruisers, ATV, UTV, scooters and the new Can Am.

These are the only audio systems designed and engineered specifically for the motorcycle market and complete systems start at only $249.95.

For dealers, OEM’s and distributors that are interested in adding Cycle Sounds products to their parts line up, please call (866) 427-2346 or email them at

Check out their website at


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