Pirelli debuts Personalized Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle Tires

Pirelli Motorcycle launches the first motorcycle tyre you can customise with your own initials, name, individual words or whole messages, images and logos which can then be applied to the tyres’ sidewalls with special labels created directly by the rider.

The sides of the new Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres were designed to accommodate the adhesive labels that anyone can design on Pirelli’s website and received directly at home.

To build your own customised kit containing six unique tyre labels and all the material necessary to apply them, simply access the dedicated Pirelli site: http://www.pirelli.co.uk/drc, where you will find a wide selection of reproductions of the most prestigious Superbike World Championship circuits as well as logos, banners and letters in different colours.

With a few clicks the mouse, the new Diablo Rosso Corsa becomes a "paper" on which each rider may write and communicate their history and riding passion.

Launched on Assen during the fourth stage of Superbike World Championship, the Diablo Rosso Corsa, in addition to its customisation options, includes another notable first: it’s the first tyre to measure its grip as a factor of its ability to transfer horsepower from the bike to the asphalt at various points of a racetrack.

Diablo Rosso Corsa was found to transfer 10 HP of more to the ground than other tyres tested with up to 40 HP in the fastest sections. The new Pirelli tyre has been developed for motorcyclists who love sport-performance riding, both on the track and on the street, without sacrificing safety.