Mika Kallio Interview Pre Qatar Race

MotoGP Interview

You come from a country, Finland, "Where the green and nature" reigned supreme. How important is the environment for you?

Mika Kallio: Since from childhood we are taught to respect the environment around us. They teach us that trees, forests and lakes that surround us are our property and that we must take care of all in order to safeguard them as much as possible.

The town where I was born, Valkeakoski, is surrounded by greenery and a natural lake, one with the clearest water in the world

Who can use alternative energy?

Mika Kallio: I think that now everyone can use renewable energy. In recent years there are so many technologies that has been developed that allow each person to be able to produce their own need for domestic energy, installing solar panels on the roof of their home or garden. Climate change is taking place in recent times and it can been seen from everyone, the objective to lower down or to eliminate their emissions of CO2 should now become customary for everyone.

During a Germany trip, I got to see how the Germans do derive more than 12% of its energy needs from renewable sources and their objective is to increase this statistic year by year. I think this could be a primary goal of all European nations.

In your normal life, when you're at home, how you contribute to the environment protection?

Mika Kallio: Concerning my private life style. I own a house that has a very low environmental impact. In Finland we use special double glazed windows that are almost completely insulated, even my house has this kind of windows. This prevents by burning heaters all the day. I also take great care to differentiate the trash and buying energy-efficient appliances.

In my holiday house I do not have electricity and I'll like to turn it into a self-sufficient house with some solar panels and also the new wind turbines designed by Philippe Starck for Pramac could give me a big hand. I was in Milan during the world premiere of the wind turbines and I must say that they are very beautiful. I'll have to ask Paolo Campinoti a discount on products, even according to my results on the track!

Speaking about you on the track, what do you expect from your second season in the top class motorcycling, the MotoGP?

Mika Kallio: My first year in MotoGP has been full of satisfactions, I was voted "Rookie of the Year", and I was able to obtain a good feeling with the motorbike. Considering Losail test results, I cannot deny that for the second season I expect to be able to get involved in the first group of eight. I feel very much the presence and confidence that the team has placed in me and I hope to reciprocate this trust with tracks results.

Which is you target for this year? How do you see your teammate, Aleix Espargaro?

Mika Kallio: My second year purpose his to try to fight for the podium in some race. Aleix is a very determined guy, he has already gained a bit of experience in MotoGP last year, both in the GP when he replaced me and the ones that ended the season. During winter test he has improved a lot with excellent results. We share the desire to repay the faith that the team has placed in us. I think that we'll be good allies, being also the youngest riders pairing of all the MotoGP.


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