LeoVince hosts Dyno Fight this Friday

Horsepower Wars

This Friday, April 9th, LeoVince USA will be hosting the company's first 2010 Dyno Fight, at it's Richmond California based, US headquarters.

LeoVince and On The Throttle TV are partnering to offer an entirely new dynamic to the 2010 Dyno Fights; the incorporation and broadcast of the event online. OTT will be hosting a live webcast from the LeoVince Dyno Fight. OTT will offer online viewers their own competition in guessing the horsepower of bikes before each run.

OTT will also be featuring the best bikes that come through the doors, giving northern California riders a chance to show off their bikes online. You can also expect OTT's typical informative videos educating viewers on a variety of subjects from what horsepower truly is, to what makes one dyno different from another.

The Dyno Fight is a free admission, open dyno competition for all motorcyclists who attend. It encourages riders to learn more about their motorcycles while offering a friendly community competition.
LeoVince staff will be operating the dyno from 6pm until 10pm to see how much horsepower each bike makes and which bike makes the most. Class winners from the following categories will receive prizes, and go home knowing they made the most horsepower on Friday night.

Motorcycle Classes

* 1000cc
* 600cc
* Twin
* Vintage (pre ‘93)

In addition to the entertainment on the dyno, LeoVince staff will do their best to feed as many attendees as possible in addition to showing some race footage and highlights.

There will be some great deals on pipes, and discounts on new apparel, so if you need something, this is a great time to get it.

LeoVince USA
1445 B. South 50th Street
Richmond CA, 94804


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