Rat Rod Roadhouse Round-Up

Retro Artwork

Larry Grossman is at it again, and his electrifying new print "Rat Rod Roadhouse Round-Up" has something to appeal to everyone – whoever, whatever, or however old you are!

While reflecting today’s happening Rat Rod scene, this picture has also frozen a moment in time that could be right out of the ’50’s or 60’s. It features a kool ’30 Ford Hemi-powered Rat Rod, a ’51 Ford Kustom Sled, a Harley Chopper, and a ’50’s era fighter jet streaking overhead.

Of course there’s also hot babes, bad boys, and even a smoking dog(!), all hangin’ at a funky desert roadhouse. One look at this amazingly detailed, vibrantly colored work of art and it is very apparent the creator has "been there"!

This is a must have print for any serious motorhead, and it’s yours for only $30 ($35 signed and dated).

Catch an exciting look into Grossman’s wild world of art and buy it at the Retro Visions Website – or contact his studio direct at (818) 907-8626 between 10-5 Pacific Standard Time.


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