BMW S1000RR bests Inde Lap Record

S1000RR Superbike

Evan Steel Performance and Iron Horse BMW continued their development of the BMW S1000RR Superbike at a recent trackday in Arizona.

After announcing their intent to enter the Fontana round of the AMA Superbike series, the Iron Horse BMW/ ESP crew- with the help of technical partners Armour Bodies, LeoVince Exhaust, Attack Performance, Dan Kyle and Ohlins-have been assembling the necessary components to turn the S1000RR streetbike into a competitive AMA Superbike.

This was the second test for Peris at the Inde Motorsports Park on the BMW S1000RR Superbike. The first test was more of a shakedown and viability assessment of the BMW Superbike platform.

The first test ended with Chris setting a new motorcycle track record in a time of 1:54.07 on basically a streetbike with slicks. Although all the race parts had not yet arrived, the Iron Horse BMW/ ESP team returned to Inde Motorsports Park to try and find a baseline chassis setting and to get more familiar with the BMW.

The team installed the Attack adjustable triple clamps, Armour Bodies bodywork, Ohlins 30mm fork kit and TTx shock and sent Chris out to evaluate the changes.

The stopwatches told the story of the progress the team had made. Using a "Take it to the Track" trackday, Chris rolled out of pitlane and promptly set another track record, circulating the track in a time of 1:52.4. After getting a feel for the changes that the race specific parts had made, Chris and the ESP crew made some adjustments and were able to find even more time.

By the end of the second day, Chris had lapped the Inde Motorsports Park in a time of 1:48.16-four seconds under the overall lap record for bikes or cars.

The team is now back in the shop installing the "fresh off the plane" LeoVince Exhaust and tuning the motor on the dyno. With the addition of a few more parts this week, the Iron Horse BMW/ ESP S1000RR will be ready for their debut at Fontana this coming weekend.

Evan Steel Quote

"I really want to thank Phil Allison and Scott Bergen for all their hard work at the shop, getting the bike ready for this test, and also the guys at Take It To The Track for letting Chris come out and ride. It was a great weekend for us. We had some new suspension pieces from Ohlins, and adjustable triple clamps from Attack Performance, and I just can't believe we ended up 6 seconds faster than we were on the stock bike. Special thanks to Tim Calhoun at LeoVince for getting us a beautiful exhaust system, I can't wait to run it at the Fontana AMA event."

Chris Peris Quote

"Every time I ride this new BMW S1000RR, I can't believe how good it is. I've had some good results with ESP superbikes in AMA races before, and those bikes weren't nearly as good as this one. This bike and this crew is the best Superbike platform I've ever ridden. We need to get some good results this weekend that can attract sponsorship so we can continue racing."

Based on the strength of their first two outings with the BMW S1000RR, Iron Horse Motorcycles and ESP have decided to join forces, creating Team Iron Horse BMW/ ESP for the upcoming AMA Superbike race in Fontana with Chris Peris riding.

Although the team would like to contest the remaining AMA Superbike rounds, the budget is not currently in place. Team Iron Horse BMW/ ESP is actively seeking sponsorship to campaign as many additional AMA rounds as possible in 2010.

For Sponsorship inquiries contact Murph at Syndicate Motorsport Management, LLC:
(+1) 831 464 3458 or email:


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