Moto2: Anthony West rides MZ

MZ Moto2

Anthony West will compete in the Moto2 World Championships with the re-born MZ Factory Team. The MZ Team permanent grid position was finally confirmed by IRTA after months of negotiations.

MZ participation in the Moto2 World Championships is part of an ambitious plan to revive the MZ factory as a major force in the motorcycle world.

MZ is using the World Championships as a way to build brand awareness and develop their new patented front suspension system for Road- and Enduro/MX Bikes over the next 2 years in advance of their return to producing motorcycles for consumers.

The MZ factory, located in Zschopau, Germany is busy preparing their third generation Moto2 chassis for the upcoming IRTA test in Jerez, Spain scheduled for March 27-29.

Although IRTA confirmation was late in coming, team managers Martin Wimmer and Ralf Waldmann are confident that the third generation chassis will be built in time for the test and will be competitive.

Martin Wimmer Quote

"This is the advantage of building our own chassis in our factory in Germany. We are not at the mercy of a supplier. We have the expertise, experience, and tooling to build a world championship caliber chassis in our facility in Zschopau."

Recent MZ signing, Anthony West, is equally confident in MZ’s ability to build a competitive chassis.

Anthony West Quote

"At the three tests so far, we have been able to consistently run upfront. The official timesheets coming out of the test are a little deceiving. The weather hasn’t been the greatest, with cold temperatures and rain. Depending on when you were on track, relative to the rain showers, had a big effect on your outright lap times."

"After six days of testing with most of the top teams, I’m confident we can run with them. Especially when you consider that many of them are on fifth, or more, generation chassis."

"For sure, the next generation MZ chassis we’ll have at the final test will be even better than the version I rode at the last test in Jerez. I don’t think any of the other chassis builders are going to make a big change for the last test, so I can’t wait!"