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SS Series Kit

Hinson Clutch Components–a company that has manufactured high-performance clutches and components for Team Red Bull Honda, Team Monster Kawasaki, Team Yagermeister KTM, Team Rockstar Makita Suzuki, and Team JGR Yamaha–has announced a new high performance clutch called the SS Series Single Spring Conventional Inner Hub/Pressure Plate Kit.

According to Hinson Clutch Components, the Precision Single Spring allows Pressure Plate to stay flat during disengagement minimizing clutch drag and heat build up. This eliminates the drag between the coil springs and inner hub/pressure plate creating a smoother more positive lever action and clutch engagement, while improving clutch performance and life

The parts are machined from billet T-6 aircraft quality aluminum to aerospace tolerances, and Akadized for five times the wear resistance to stock, with proper maintenance. The kit also allows the clutch assembly to spin more true creating less heat when clutch is disengaged.

And, according to Hinson, when used with Hinson Clutch Components clutch basket, the SS Series Single Spring Conventional Inner Hub/Pressure Plate Kit helps eliminate clutch chatter.


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